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NAMM 2010: Steinberg Nuendo Syncstation Announced

Published: Fri January 15, 2010  News Feed

The unit is a joint development between Steinberg and engineering legend, Colin Broad. The Syncstation distributes word clock signals, communicates with external machines via various protocols, and much more which makes it particularly effective for broadcasting, music and post-production.

Sample Accurate Sync: SyncStation can align an exact sample of audio to the leading edge of a video frame reference. The unit integrates timecode, word clock and a video frame reference so that accurate sync can be maintained between multiple audio devices it has connected. In addition, special situations, such as pull down in film/video post-production, are seamless when video sync, timecode and word clock are handled by one device.

Tape Machines: Both video and audio tape machines have special needs when they are synchronized to digital audio systems. Syncstation accommodates efficient communication by being the slave to a tape machine and using, e.g., LTC (and the video sync signal) to set the position, speed and phase of the synchronized system.

Longitudinal Time Code: SyncStation will read analog timecode (LTC) that has been recorded on a tape-based machine and use that to synchronize Nuendo to the tape transport. The unit can also generate LTC.

Machine Control:

•Master/slave machine control is provided via two dedicated RS422 ports (In & Out) via the Sony 9-pin protocol.
•Master/slave machine control with two dedicated MIDI ports utilising the MMC standard.
•All timecode functionality can be used in addition to machine control operation.

External Workstations -DAW’s and VVTR: Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation can be used to synchronize other computer workstations such as computer video systems (Virtual VTR) and DAW workstations by using MTC, word clock and video sync. This connection allows the device to correct Nuendo’s position relative to the edge of each frame down to the sample.

Provided exclusively by Nuendo, the Syncstation provides a unique and very accurate method of synchronization: Steinberg state - “Since MIDI time code is used to send position data to Nuendo, it can only be accurate up to several milliseconds. The VST System Link connection is used to send sample accurate position information from Nuendo back to Nuendo SyncStation which then calculates an offset to correctly align Nuendo to the edge of the video frame”.

The GPIO Interface: This is included, which allows the control of external items such as video streamers, record or “on-air” signals and more. External switches may also be used to engage record or activate the online status of Nuendo SyncStation.

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