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FREE ADC Board Worth £134 With Focusrite Voicemaster Pro

Published: Tue December 29, 2009  News Feed

While Stocks Last, we're offering a FREE ADC Card  worth £134 with the Focusrite Voicemaster Pro


The Focusrite Voicemaster Pro offers the option to install this ADC, which can be easily fitted by an end-user. The converter is 24-bit and 128x oversampled, handling sample rates of up to 96 kHz, with S/PDIF output and BNC word clock connector. Tracking a vocal direct into your DAW or any other digital recording media has never been easier or more affordable. An ADC lock LED on the front panel shows when Word Clock sync has been established.

Focusrite A to Ds

With converters, as with many other things in life “It’s not how big it is, but what you do with it that counts”. Whether running at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 or 192 kHz, or at 16, 20 or 24bit rates, the converter specifications alone are no measure of the quality of the record signal path. Rather, it is a combination of both the converter specifications and the quality of the system that supports it.

Focusrite A/D converter cards are designed to meet the absolute maximum design specifications possible for the converter chip-sets used. However the real benefit comes from using a recording system in which the ADC is included within the closed environment of a single box. The integral closed environment allows a shorter record path to digital, with no unnecessary analogue connections out of the Focusrite box to the input of the recording equipment. (The receiving equipment will also certainly include more analogue circuitry in the form of gain/trim stages before the external ADC, only further lengthening the record path.)

A further benefit of a single, closed environment relates to the level of unwanted noise in the vicinity of the converter circuitry. Because the Focusrite unit operates as an analogue device right up to the point of the ADC, the environment within which the converter operates is extremely quiet and controlled. It does not contain extraneous clocks, nor other sources of digital noise, which exist within many digital desks and multi I/O DSP environments. Any of these may further contribute to the lack of clarity and accuracy.

So, innovative circuitry around the converter, the operation of the circuitry within the host unit, the shorter signal path and a quieter operational environment mean that Focusrite’s optional A/D converters offer an immense level of performance for the price.


  • Dynamic Range = 110dB
  • Clock jitter = 250 picoseconds
  • Clock jitter when synced to an external clock = 1 nanosecond
  • THD+N AMPL = -109dBFS 'A' weighted

More Information about the Focusrite Voicemaster Pro

The Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro is designed to create the perfect vocal sound at an unbelievably competitive price point. The unit bridges the gap between the flagship ISA 430 'Producer Pack' and the original VoiceMaster, featuring design aspects from both the legendary ISA range and the award winning, cost-effective Platinum range.

The renowned Focusrite Class A mic pre amp from the original VoiceMaster is retained, but an instrument input has been added to the front, along with phantom power, phase reverse and variable high-pass filter. A new vocal-friendly optical expander follows, providing smoother and more linear processing.

Perhaps the most innovative of VoiceMaster Pro's exciting new features is a latency-free stereo monitoring section, providing comprehensive headphone monitoring of both the full mix and the vocal (alongside an FX send and return control). Finally, an end to DAW latency problems when tracking!

Another revolutionary new departure is the 'Vintage Harmonics' processor, designed to emulate classic 70's tape-based vocal enhancement processes. The compressor is an updated version of the Platinum series optical device. As with the ISA 430, VoiceMaster Pro allows the user to change the position of both processing blocks within the signal-chain. (Both the compressor and the Vintage Harmonics sections can be moved around.)

A new 'tuneable' Tube Sound circuit is also featured, providing greater control and clearer indication via an extra tone control knob and tri-colour 'Drive' LED.

The 'voice-optimized' EQ follows, featuring improved breath and absence controls, enabling elegant handling of the varying aspects of male and female vocalists. The ISA 430's de-esser completes the set.

This unit is also the first Platinum to feature a custom blue Focusrite VU meter. An optional A/D card is available, operating at 24 bit, 96 kHz with S/PDIF output and BNC Wordclock input, providing hassle-free digital connectivity.


  • Stereo latency-free monitoring section
  • 'Vintage Harmonics' - a revolutionary vocal enhancer
  • Optional 24 bit/96kHz A/D converter
  • Custom Focusrite VU meter
  • Compressor/EQ/Harmonics order can be changed
  • More versatile voice-optimised EQ
  • Improved 'Tube Sound' emulation with tone control
  • Smoother optical compressor
  • New voice-optimised optical expander
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