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What is Final Scratch?

Published: Fri November 18, 2005  News Feed

FinalScratch is the ultimate way for DJs to combine today's digital technology with the analog control of the past. By using FinalScratch with your existing turntables or CD player and mixer, you can control and manipulate digital audio files (WAV, MP3, etc.) the same way you always have—using your hands to cue, mix and scratch with the exact response and feel of real vinyl.

Just load any digital audio file onto your computer, then pick and choose from your own playlist as you load tracks into two "virtual" decks. Your computer becomes your record box—there's no need to travel with bulky records and CDs. With FinalScratch, you can bring thousands of songs to any gig! Producers can even load new remixes and edits created in the studio and instantly play them without the need to cut costly acetates.

FinalScratch can work with any DJ setup consisting of turntables or CD players and a mixer. You can even use it at a club: simply connect the ScratchAmp™ to the club's mixer and you're ready to go. What's more, many of the world's best nightclubs have already installed ScratchAmps in the DJ booth, so DJs can show up with just their laptop and FS records. For a complete listing of FinalScratch-ready clubs, click here.

FinalScratch Key Benefits

  • Access thousands of songs instantly from your computer hard drive
  • Leave your precious vinyl and CDs at home
  • Easy setup and integration with any turntable or CD player*
  • Plays all popular digital formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC**, WMA**, CD audio
  • Get the feel of vinyl with the convenience of digital technology
  • Buy new music from legal download sites and play it instantly—and at a fraction of the cost of traditional record shopping
  • Play two copies of any record in your collection for instant beat-juggling
  • Record your live performance direct to disk**

    *FS 1.5 requires optional CD Adapter kit for CD player control.
    **Available for FinalScratch 2 users only.

FinalScratch Packages

FinalScratch comes in two flavors: FinalScratch 2.0 and FinalScratch 1.5. Both packages include three basic elements: The ScratchAmp (audio interface), Traktor FS software (Mac or PC), and time-coded records and/or CDs.

The ScratchAmp is used to connect your turntables to your computer (FS 2 can also accommodate CD players and a microphone). The FinalScratch software is where you manage your track collection—using special folders called Record Boxes—and assign tracks to the two onscreen decks. The software provides a visual representation of the music, needle position for each audio file, and remaining time for each audio file.

The special vinyl records and CDs used with FinalScratch contain digital information called "timecode," and are used to mix digital audio files from your turntables or CD players. All mixing is done directly from the turntables or CD players—including pitch adjustments, cueing, pitch bends, and even scratching. FinalScratch records and CDs can be used in combination with traditional analog records or CDs when mixing your set.

FS 1.5 includes:

  • USB ScratchAmp
  • Traktor FS 1.5 software
  • 3 FS Standard Records
  • Power supply and USB cable

FS 2.0 includes:

  • FireWire ScratchAmp 2
  • Traktor FS 2.0 software
  • 3 FS Standard Records
  • 2 FS CDs
  • Power supply and FireWire cable

FinalScratch 2.0 and FinalScratch 1.5 are both excellent choices depending on your specific needs and budget. For more information on FS 2, click here. To learn more about the original FS 1.5 click here.

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