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Morpheus DropTune - Change Pitch Without Detuning Your Strings!

Published: Tue December 01, 2009  News Feed

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Don’t mistake this for a mere pitch shift fx pedal. The DropTune uses proprietary polyphonic pitch drop algorithms that maintain perfect harmonic accuracy and tonally-correct overtones — you have to hear this pedal to believe how real it sounds!

Morpheus DropTune

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The Morpheus DropTune™ lets guitarists get that heavy drop-tuned tone at different pitches without dealing with floppy string buzz, extra-heavy-gauge strings or carrying around expensive extra guitars. The same goes for foam-deadened acoustic guitars or electric violins.

This incredible FX pedal is arriving soon here at Dolphin Music, and we have no doubts it'll become as popular as other pitch shifting pedals such as the Digitech Whammy, Boss OC3 Super Octave or Boss PS5. Sure, each of these pedals offer different features, but the Morpheus DropTune is the simplest (no knobs!) and most musical and usable of the bunch, and here's why:

Morpheus DropTune™ gives your guitar instant polyphonic drop tuning in ½-step decrements up to 3½ steps — plus full Octave and Octaver.

Now you can go from one pitch for a particular song to a different pitch on the next without having to retune your guitar or owning two, three or more guitars for various step-down de-tunings.

If your singer has a bad throat night, you can drop-tune your guitar to accommodate him without having to change neck position or retune.

The Morpheus DropTune™pedal also features effect-toggling so you can instantly toggle back and forth between the dropped pitch and the Effect Off for a cool up/ down pitch-shift effect during solos or power chord rhythm patterns.

In addition, the DropTune pedal has Full Octave Drop and a great-sounding Octaver.

Not surprising considering the DropTune has been developed by a team of guitar effects pros with over fifty years of experience at other companies where they created some of today’s most famous pedals.

For more videos and full specs, please visit the Morpheus DropTune product page
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