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Artist Profile: Klaus Badelt, Euphonix user

Published: Mon November 16, 2009  News Feed

Film Composer, Producer, Engineer and "Sub-Average" Musician from Los Angeles, CA USA.

An Artist in Contrast

Though the epic score of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ catapulted him into the Hollywood spotlight, film composer Klaus Badelt’s true inspiration is fueled by his love of contrasting projects. From scoring small indie films to writing operas, from composing music for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to building the soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster, Badelt sees himself as “a filmmaker, who just happens to write music."

Klaus, who loves to experiment and break out of the ordinary in his work, replaced his traditional large-format mixing consoles with the Euphonix Artist Series in both his Los Angeles and Paris studios.

Double the Pleasure
I currently have two studios, one in Los Angeles and one in Paris and I’m utilizing the maximum Artist Series setup in both - one MC Control and four MC Mixes. Since I write, produce and mix in Logic 9 and use Pro Tools as video playback, I’m constantly switching between the two DAWs. Even my desks have been built around the ergonomics of the units, making them a very efficient addition to the workspace.

One Solution to Multiple Problems
Streamlined workflow, speed, changes, and flexibility - those are key words in the film-scoring world. From writing to programming, producing, recording up to the final 5.1 mix (or 56.28 mix as we just had it) I stay within one single software environment. Several cloned studios in my workgroup are locally and internationally networked and synced. Teams are managed with custom software and utilizing open-source tools usually found only in software engineering.

What used to be a multiple-phase process with several one-way-only milestones - writing in a sequencer, recording in a DAW, mixing on a (digital) console - is now one single linear workflow giving extreme flexibility to the filmmakers and me. I used to have to stop after each phase, print slaves, print masters, burn in effects for the mix and so on, moving the environment each time - now I can’t imagine even being tied up to single a mixing room any more, with no access to my source “MIDI” events.

By replacing the traditional large-format mixing console with the Artist Series it takes multi-room “total recall” sequencer/DAW based production to the professional comfort level I was used to before all-in-one production - with many additional benefits. I rely on them to write, program and do the final automated mix of my scores while switching from room to room - or continent. Nothing else can do this!

The Artist Series Perfectly Fits Modern Workflow
I actually used the Euphonix consoles for many years and when I saw the Artist Series, I knew it was what I was waiting for. To put it simply, the Artist Series is a full-featured console minus the audio engine. It fits neatly in place with my writing process as I use it to control and load plug-ins, write automation, adjust levels, etc. The intuitive response and feedback between the units and myself is wonderful - ease of use is unparalleled. And - finally we’re leaving MIDI behind… resolution and timing is finally musical again.

EuCon surpasses ancient “controller-like” protocols by exactly modeling a console, with all the digital and modular benefits of software. I take full advantage of all the customizable options like banking units separately, setting the attention’d faders, saving assignments and so on. One little trick I’ve learned is to keep my center MC Mix independently banked - a setting in the EuControl prefs - so when I navigate through my large arrangements, I always have this “golden channel” in the sweet spot right in front of me without setup. I’ll tell you, other than write the music, there isn’t much it can’t do.

Easy to learn, Easy to Use
Artist Series doesn’t have much of a learning curve at all; with built-in Logic and Pro Tools support I was immediately ready to work. In Logic there’s no setup needed at all! Everything is laid out cleanly, and the channel strips are easy to read. It works the way I would want it to – instinctively.

The Future of Music Production
First of all - I think the majority of music production users will eventually move to an all-in-one production, and the Artist Series will be the new console. You’ll see when everyone realizes the benefits - nobody will want to go back.

With ever more powerful CPUs native processing will continue to replace the need for hardware acceleration - yet we’ll still need reliable tactile ergonomics. EuCon and the Artist Series are front-runners for this new growing segment. I can very well imagine final dub stages of all sizes using this “console” for their native DAW - it’s much more flexible than everything I’ve seen.

That’s also true for picture editing applications - which editor wouldn’t want an MC Control or MC Mix for their Avid or Final Cut Pro?

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