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Dean Website - Your Rock'n'Roll Destination!

Published: Fri November 13, 2009  News Feed

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If you love heavy music, guitars and rocker girls...you'll love the Dean website! A great destination whether you're a Dean player or not!

Dean Guitars Website

The Dean website has enough to keep you busy for a while...here's a look at the best features (And before we forget, a word of warning - when you Google "Dean Guitars" the first result is a website for - eurgh - classical guitars! So, if you want the actual Dean Guitars website, make sure to go straight to www.deanguitars.com the one and only!)

1) Dean News Feed

All the latest and most up-to-date news from Dean guitars, a good way of checking what's going on in Dean world! Of course, you can always follow Dean on Twitter, too!

2) Dean TV

Dean TV is a relatively new feature that's been proving really popular! It's just an incredible resource and we only wish more manufacturers did the same thing...basically, Dean has made available literally dozens of videos, separated in 4 categories: Products, Artists, Tutorials and Events. Videos are also available on Dean's YouTube page.

Be a Dean Star!3) Dean Artists

The Dean artists section is also another area that Dean does extremely well and we just wish more brands did the same!

They highlight several rock stars who play Dean, with excellent images of them playing their Dean instruments, links to their signature guitars (when this is the case) and videos whenever available.

And, besides highlighting big rock stars, Dean, very helpfully (again, unlike most other brands) also highlights YOU, the yet -to-be-discovered Dean guitar hero!

They have a section called Be A Star, and if you email your info, myspace page and pic of you playing your Dean guitar to starz@deanguitars.com, you too can join their community of Dean fans who have made it into the spotlight! That's pretty cool, eh?

4) Dean Community / Forum

Dean realises the important of building a community and there are several things you can do... unfortunately one of them is for their US customers only - the Dean Owners of America Club, which sounds pretty fun: The D.O.A. (DOA) is short for the Dean Owners of America Club (see Forum). Starting in 2002, an annual meeting is held each year inviting DOA members to enjoy a weekend of Guitars, Music, Friendship, Food, Spirits and so much more. The event is completely free but you must be a member of the D.O.A. to attend.

But, there are other ways to connect with Dean and other Dean customers! You can apply to join their street team, and also use their Dean Forum to chat with other Dean fans!

5) Girls! Girls! Girls!

Dean girls

Dean recognises the importance of hot girls to rock'n'roll. After all, without girls, half of rock music wouldn't exist - they're the inspiration and motivation for much of rock music, ever! But, before we get too philosophical about it...we all just love rocker girls! Their recent 2009 Dean Girl Centerfold Challenge generated a lot of interest and here's a look at the Top 3 Dean Girls of 2009.

Hot Dean Girls

You can check more Dean Girls here.

Check the current Dean stock at Dolphin Music!

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