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Jack White's Pedalboards: From White Stripes to The Dead Weather

Published: Wed November 11, 2009  News Feed

Here's a look at the evolution of Jack White's pedalboards...from the red White Stripes one, to his unique "bronze" pedalboard with the Raconteurs and finally The Dead Weather...check them out!!!

Jack White's pedalboards through the years...


Jack White is one of the best - perhaps the best? - guitarist of this generation, and has earned the respect of some of the most legendary artists in rock, such as Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan and The Edge. Nothing more natural that we look at the gear he's used through the years, in all his different projects...enjoy!


The White StripesDigitech Whammy - click for details

The White Stripes at Top Of The Pops, and the Digitech Whammy - the ultimate Jack White pedal! Buy Now

Jack White's obsession with the colours red and white is well known. By coincidence - or not? - most of the pedals he chose to use with The White Stripes are either white or red pedals:

Jack White's main pedalboard with The White Stripes

In order: a red tuner/ mute box, Boss TU-2 Tuner (white), MXR Micro Amp (white), Digitech Whammy (red), an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (painted red!) and the Electro-Harmonix POG (now discontinued, replaced by the POG 2). Note that Jack White had some sort of custom-made red sheet with holes, stuck on top of the POG, to keep the settings of the pedal unchanged.

With the White Stripes, Jack White actually used TWO pedalboards. Besides his main one, he also had a secondary pedalboard near Meg White's drum kit:

Jack White's pedalboard by drums

This pedalboard includes yet again a Big Muff painted in red and a POG, plus a mute box and a tuner box, splitting the signal to a tuner.

For more info about the gear used by Jack White, check our Learn How To Sound Like Jack White article.


Jack White in The Raconteurs

It seems that Jack White doesn't have an obsession about the red & white only. His thing is to create a look, an image...and with the Raconteurs, his popular band with Brendan Benson and other chums from Detroit, Jack White decided to go...bronze! And to match his bronze outfit, Jack got a custom made "triple jet" Gretsch guitar in bronze (with an in-built MXR Micro Amp).

Even more extraordinary, is his unique bronze pedalboard, custom made for him:

Jack White's bronze pedalboard for The Raconteurs

With The Raconteurs, Jack White expanded his sound, and this is reflected on his choice of pedals, in order from right: a Dunlop Rotovibe, a Digitech Whammy, the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, an Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog, an Electro-Harmonix Nano Bassballs (which can be heard on the song Salute Your Solution), an (allegedly) Demeter Tremolo, a mute A/B box, a MXR Micro Amp and a Boss TU-2 Tuner in a new box (and with TS-808 footswitch!). Jack seems to also have some sort of Boss pedal at the far left of the pedalboard, but it's impossible to identify which.

Here's a couple more pics of his custom made pedals, the copper tuner and Big Muff,  courtesy of Analog Man who built these pedals for Jack:

Jack White's copper tuner

Jack White's copper tuner

Jack White's copper Big Muff

Jack White's copper Big Muff


Jack White in The Dead Weather

Even though Jack White mostly plays drums with The Dead Weather, he also plays the guitar on a couple of their songs and, live, he shares the pedalboard with main guitarist Dean Fertita. Looking at the pedalboard, it's clear that, even though Jack is not the main guitarist, it's Jack White all over:

The Dead Weather pedalboard

The "Dead Weather colour" is white this time. On stage, the band only plays white instruments, and some of the fx pedals on the pedalboard have been painted white. This pedalboard is very similar to the one Jack White used with The Raconteurs. Here's what we could identify: a Dunlop Rotovibe, a Digitech Whammy painted in white, a Voodoo lab Tremolo, an Electro-Harmonix nano Bassballs (probably), a Big Muff painted in white, a copper Micro POG (directly from The Raconteurs pedalboard?), a Boss TU-2 Tuner and a MXR Micro Amp. There's also a pedal that, on this pic at least, is not connected to anything. It looks like a Z-Vex model, and is probably a Z-Vex Wooly Mammoth, which Jack White used for the James Bond film The Quantum Solace and he may be using with The Dead Weather, too!

So...how do the pedalboards compare? Well...check the videos and decide for yourself which one gives Jack White his best tone!


Jack White released his debut solo album in April 2012. Blunderbuss was produced through White's own record label Third Man records and has since received some pretty good reviews. The same applies to his 2nd efford, Lazaretto.

Jack seems to have settled on a similar setup to the one he used with the Dead Weather as Muff, Mammoth and Whammy are all present. There's no Wah but the POG has made a come back, helping create some of the phenomenal solo tones on the album.

He also uses his signature Bumblebuzz fuzz, and, perhaps the most surprisingly, an Eventide H9 Multi-Fx Pedal! He also seems to be using a Moog Minifooger MF Drive pedal. Those two pedals are joined by another Boss Tuner pedal.

Jack White 2014 pedalboard


Jack White artist page

Special thanks to Analog Man for letting us use their photographs

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