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Product Update: Eleven Rack Firmware v1.0.1

Published: Thu October 22, 2009  News Feed

Avid/Digidesign is pleased to announce that Eleven™ Rack Firmware v. 1.0.1 is now available on the Digidesign Eleven Rack product page. 

Digidesign Eleven Rack

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This is a maintenance release which includes a metering utility. The update is a free download - CLICK HERE.

All registered Eleven Rack customers will be sent an email directing them to the product page for this and any forthcoming product updates. The updated firmware code will be rolled into ongoing production.

This update affects the device firmware only and does not impact any currently installed versions of the Pro Tools® application. Installation requires the unit to be powered on and connected to a computer via USB. Customized device settings (Rigs) will not be overwritten by applying this update.

The Digidesign Eleven Rack has been described as the "ultimate recording and signal processing solution for guitar players", so go and visit our Eleven Rack product page for demo videos!

What's New

I/O Metering Feature
This is a simple metering utility to assist in troubleshooting signal routing problems. To use the I/O metering feature:

1. Press the Edit/Back button to access Rig View.
2. Use the Scroll wheel to highlight the icon labeled METERS.
3. Turn the illuminated knob under the display to select the input, output or Eleven Rack USB stream you want to meter.
4. Two bar-style meters show relative signal level with clip indicators.
5. The SW1 button (labeled CLEAR) will illuminate red if clipping occurs. Press SW1 to clear the clip indicators.

Improved Delay Time/Mod Rate & SYNC Control Interaction

  • Previously, when Sync was enabled on a time-based effect such as a delay or chorus, any Time or Rate controls were temporarily deactivated. They could then be reactivated by turning the Sync control to Off.
  • Now, adjustments to either the Sync or Time/Rate controls will override the setting of the other control automatically.

Fixed: Rig Output Signal Routing to Single Output to Amp

  • When only 1 of the 2 Outputs to Amp is configured to get its signal from the Rig Output, the stereo Rig Output signal is now summed to mono. The Main Outputs will continue to output the stereo Rig Output signal.

Fixed User Options: Outputs to Amp

  • When set to "Rig Output No Cab", the global cab bypass would not persist if Eleven Rack was rebooted.

Fixed User Options: MIDI

  • With THRU engaged, the setting would not persist if Eleven Rack was rebooted.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed FINE control resolution with Expanded Delay (DELAY+) mode engaged.
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic U/I fixes and enhancements.
  • Retail Demonstration Mode added.

Updating your Eleven Rack to Firmware Version 1.0.1

Make sure your Eleven Rack unit requires this update by checking the currently installed firmware version number:

  • Press and hold the Edit/Back button to access the User Options menu.
  • Once the User Options menu appears, use the Scroll wheel to highlight "Firmware Version" and press the SW1 button, which is labeled SELECT.
  • If the displayed firmware version is "510", you should run this updater.
  • If the displayed firmware version is v 1.0.1 or higher, you do not need to run this updater.

If you determine that a firmware update is required for your unit, download the Firmware Update Installer for Mac or Windows below. When the download is complete, open the disk image (Mac) or ZIP file (Windows), and launch the installer. The installer will place on your desktop the "Digidesign Eleven Rack Updater" application or executable and a Read Me file with instructions on how to update the firmware on your Eleven Rack:

To update your Eleven Rack firmware:

1. Power on your Eleven Rack and connect it to your computer.
The computer must have Eleven Rack drivers installed for the updater to function. If the computer does not have Eleven Rack drivers installed, go to the support pages at www.digidesign.com to download the Eleven Rack driver installer.

2. Make sure Pro Tools is NOT running. If Pro Tools is running, Quit or Exit the application before running this updater.

3. Run the updater utility on your desktop:
  • On Mac, double click the file "Digidesign Eleven Rack Updater".
    – or –
  • On Windows, double click the file "Digidesign Eleven Rack Updater.exe".

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Wait until the update is complete before disconnecting Eleven Rack from the computer or powering down Eleven Rack.

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