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PRICE DROP! Vox VT Range Now Cheaper Than Ever!

Published: Tue September 15, 2009  News Feed

Yesterday, Vox announced the new prices for the excellent Vox VT amp range, which combines sophisticated modeling technology with the VOX Valve Reactor power amp circuit. The VT is a great, affordable range of guitar amps for guitarists on a budget who don't want to compromise on tone.

Vox VT Range price drop!

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When Vox set out to create Valvetronix, the goal was clear - design a digital modeling amp that sounded and felt great. A versatile amp that could superbly re-create every detail, every nuance of a collection of the world's most sought after guitar amplifiers. An amp that actually lives up to the promise that digital modeling amplifiers appear to offer, but have never achieved - until now. This new range of Valvetronix amps is the successor to the very popular AD "Chrome" series. Features 22 amp models, 11 Effects + separate reverb, 66 Programs and 8 user memories..



Vox VT15

15-watt 1x8" speaker

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30-watt 1x10" speaker

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50-watt 1x12" speaker

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100-watt 2x12" speakers  

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Vox realised that reaching this goal wouldn't be easy. That it would require top-notch digital technology plus a valve power amp capable of modeling the power amp sections of a ton of classic and modern valve amplifiers. In over four tone-filled decades, VOX amplifiers have achieved classic, even cult, status. They're the amps of choice for countless pros. But Vox knew it would take more than their own guitar amplification expertise. Vox also needed the skill and experience of a high-tech music equipment innovator. From this need, the collaboration between VOX and Korg was born.

Korg is the undisputed leader in the technology-laden world of digital music workstations and the force behind ToneWorks, the first company to master and patent "digital distortion with oversampling," a breakthrough that made high-quality digital recreations of guitar effects and amplifiers (that sounded and felt like the real thing) a reality. Together they've created Valvetronix - the ultimate, hybrid digital modeling amplifier that sounds, feels and operates like a guitar amp, with no compromises or excuses.

What is Valve Reactor technology?

The Valve Reactor circuit used in the power amp of this VT15/30/50/100 combo amp is based on new technology. Most of the sound creation and tonal shaping is performed in the digital domain, but the Valve Reactor power amp is 100% analog. Passing the guitar signal through the analog-domain power amp stage is an important factor in capturing the feel and tone of the original amp for that model.

Valve Reactor’s power stage is a miniature version of a true tube push/pull power amp. It uses a 12AX7 tube (dual triode; in other words, two vacuum tubes in one), and is similar to a true tube amp with an output transformer. Rather than connecting the vacuum tube directly to a speaker via an output transformer, the signal is converted by a virtual output transformer in which solid stage components emulate the output transformer, and the final output stage circuit is connected to a specially designed VariAmp power circuit. This allows the output of the power stage to be continuously varied from minimum output to maximum output.

This VariAmp power circuit is completely transparent – i.e., it does not modify the signal – so the output tone will be the pure sound of a tube amp. The wide dynamic range seen in a conventional tube amp is also maintained. This dynamic range is a characteristic that is difficult to obtain from a solid-state amp; this is why a tube amp sounds more powerful than a solid-stage amp of the same output specifications.

The output of the Valve Reactor power amp “reads” the constantly changing impedance curve of the connected speaker system, and feeds this information back to the vacuum tube. In response to this information, the operation of the amp’s tube stage will vary according to the speaker load (impedance). This too is an important element in the sound of a true tube amp. In addition to producing lively tube sound, “circuitry characteristics” distinctive of the full-tube power stage in the amp being modeled can also be simulated. These characteristics include class-A, class-AB, and power output. By adjusting these characteristics (except for the power output, which the user specifies), every sound of that amp model can be faithfully reproduced. This power amp technology, for which a U.S. patent has been obtained, is unique to the VOX Valvetronix amps.  

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