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Looking for a Cheap Les Paul? Vintage Is the Answer!

Published: Thu August 13, 2009  News Feed

*Updated For 2013 - Unfortunately we don't stock Vintage brand guitars any more but if you're interested in a true, vintage sound check out our buying guide.*

The Vintage V100 Les Paul-style guitars are quite simply the best deal if you can't afford a real Gibson. Outstanding value for money, they have the look, the vibe and the sound you'd expect from a real Les Paul. Don't believe us? Check them out...

Vintage V100 ICON Series Lemon Drop - Inspired by Peter Green's Legendary Gibson Les paul

Vintage V100 Icon Series Lemon Drop - Inspired by Peter Green's legendary Gibson Les Paul

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There's only two types of guitarists - those who love their Vintage V100 Les Paul guitars, and those who never played one. We're yet to hear from guitarists who are disappointed with theirs. Why?

The Vintage V100 guitars are carefully crafted guitars, which many players would tell you match (if not better) the quality of the current Epiphone Les Paul guitars, for instance. They look and sound the part and many guitarists have been posting their loving pics of those amazing guitars, on web forums and other social media sites. The usual opinion is that, if you can't afford a real Gibson, a Vintage V100 is the next best thing and great value for money!

Vintage V100 Sunburst

Vintage V100 Les Paul-style Tobacco Sunburst

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Vintage V100 Flamed Top

Vintage V100 Flamed Top, available in:

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It's tempting to try to compare the Vintage Les Paul guitars with the Epiphone models, but truth is each company has a very different approach to the Les Paul guitars they make. Vintage concentrate on, erm, "vintage looking" Les Paul guitars, taking their cue from the Les Paul Standard models, including vintage specs such as plastic tulip tuners. Epiphone, on the other hand, at the moment at least, concentrates on making more modern-looking Les Pauls and, in fact, their Les Paul Standard models are not one of their highlights. So, the best Les paul for you may depend on your taste in guitar, really!

One of the coolest models Vintage makes is the V100 Wine Red, which resurrects the 70's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, a model that not even Gibson themselves make anymore! With its mini-humbuckers (more or less a cross of humbucker and P-90 sound) and gold hardware, the V100 Wine Red is simply stunning - and looks as good as the Gibson original.

Vintage V100 Wire Red, Les Paul deluxe style

Vintage V100 Wire Red, Les Paul deluxe style

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Vintage V100 Gloss Black

Vintage V100 Gloss Black Buy Now Buy Now

Some snobs might disaprove of the Vintage guitars simply because they don't have the Gibson seal of approval, but the fact is those are great guitars that are good, afordable and are helping keeping the Les Paul-style guitars popular, especially amongst younger guitarists who perhaps can't afford the real deal. But make no mistake - despite the price tag, those guitars are good enough for the professional gigging guitarists, too!

Vintage V100 Gold Top

Vintage V100 Gold Top

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Vintage V100 Distressed Honeyburst

Vintage V100 ICON Series Distressed Honeyburst

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Also available as Distressed Tobacco Sunburst

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As those guitars lovingly photographed by their owners show, to own a Vintage V100 is to be part of a very special group of guitarists: those who bought an amazing guitar for truly bargain price! No wonder they are proud of their guitars!

And by making Les Paul models not available from Gibson or Epiphone (such as the V100 Wine Red Les Paul-deluxe style, the road-worny Distressed ICON Les Paul guitars or the awesome Peter Green Lemon Drop) we can say that Vintage makes the best "non-Les Paul" Les Pauls! Guitars that may not be Les Paul by name, but which certainly have the soul of a true Les Paul!

Check out which Vintage Les-Paul style guitars feature in our 50 Greatest Guitar Solos...Ever!


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