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Buying Guide for sE Electronics Microphones

Published: Thu August 13, 2009  News Feed

Thinking about buying a new microphone? Not sure what you need or what's the best choice for you? Chances are you'll find a sE Electronics mic that's perfect for your needs, so check this buying guide out and download our sE mics comparison chart!

se Electronics microphone applications

 for quick reference, view the comparison chart here

sE Electronics Small Diaphragm condenser mic for instruments

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Entry level instrument mic… great for micing acoustic guitars, pianos, strings and percussion especially.

No 10dB pad, so best to go to an sE4 if you expect to be recording loud sources like snare drums.

The sE1a is also available as a stereo matched pair.

 sE Magneto LDC Large Diaphragm Condenser

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This is sE's most affordable mic and a great introduction to Large Diaphragm Condensers. For anything from acoustics to vocals and strings an LDC is the natural choice.

It may be an entry level mic but the Magneto goes through the same rigorous testing as any other sE mic. From the SE1 to the Gemini.

 sE Electronics SE4 condesner mic...a remodelled SE3 with new features

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sE’s premium instrument mic, this mic is really excellent and is used by most of our high end clients and endorsees.

It is very good on percussion, strings, guitar and piano and has the added benefit of a 10 and 20dB pads and Bass cut switch which makes it ideal for louder source material; for example it can also be used on electric guitar cabs.

The sE4 is also available as a stereo matched pair.

 sE Electronics H1 Hand held condenser microphone for vocals or instruments

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Based on the acclaimed sE1a capsule but retuned for stage use with a higher SPL and slight HF roll-off, this mic is ideal for many applications including live or studio vocals, acoustic guitar, live drums, piano etc.

A great all rounder for the project studio owner that also plays live, and perfect for the live stage performer for main vocals.


 sE Electronics X1 Large Diaphragm Microphone

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Using a hand built capsule and acoustic damping paint with easy grip black rubber finish. The X1 adheres to sE's high standards, offering studio grade sound for an entry level price.

No need to compromise on quality in your home studio. You can also get it bundled with a Shock Mount, Pop Shield & Cable in one.


 sE Electronics SE2200a Large Diaphragm Condenser

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sE2200a II

A multi award-winning LDC, this mic is a fantastic all rounder.

Its primary function is for recording studio vocals and acoustic guitars, but it’s versatile enough to use on just about any source material, unless you have a specific requirement for multiple patterns (e.g. overhead Omni).

It's predecessor was twice winner of the UK’s most prestigious award, the MIA award for studio mic of the year.

 sE Electronics SE2200a, multi award-winning condenser microphone

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sE2200a II MP

Multi pattern version of the sE2200a II, award winning design and more polar pattern options.

If you need a swiss army knife mic, omni for ambience, cardioid for vocals or figure of 8 for great rejection on acoustic.

 sE Electronics Z3300a condenser microphone

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The Z3300a is a step up from the 2200a in many ways, and a truly multiple application mic.

It has a larger 1.07” diaphragm which captures more bass and low/mids, top range electronic components and three polar patterns.

Useful on just about anything you care to try it on!

 sE Electronics 4400a great all-rounder condenser microphone

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This is our true all-rounder mic. It is specifically designed to work as well as possible on all applications; acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, vocals, piano, live and studio recording… if you only have one mic, this is the one to get!

Also available as a matched stereo pair.


 sE Electronics T2 Condenser
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Based on the chassis and feature set of the 4400a, this mic is more niche, being specifically aimed at percussive material including drums (and percussion of course), picked guitar, piano, spoken word and rap.

It is also one of the very best kick drum mics that money can buy!

 SE Electronics Z5600a II condenser valve microphone

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Z5600a II

The tube relation to the Z3300a, this mic is remarkably good on vocals and guitars, but a great all rounder on just about any source material with its 9 polar patterns, 10dB pad and Bass cut.

It’s a more modern sounding tube mic, used by many of our most well respected endorsees, and many professional recording studios.

 sE Electronics Demini II...like nothing you'veever heard!

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Gemini II

You have to listen to this mic... it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard, and with good reason… it has a completely unique design! The Gemini is a single cardioid pattern mic which is simply awesome on vocals and acoustic guitars. The fist tube gives the kind of colouration you’d expect on a good tube mic.

The second acts in place of a transformer (the Gemini is transformerless).
The end result is a mic which is truly the best of both tube and solid state sound, and like no other mic on the market.

sE Electronics VR1 Ribbon Mic

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Natural sounding and high fidelity ribbon mic with none of the loss of high frequencies normally associated with ribbons.

A natural partner with electric guitars and as drum overheads but ribbons are also popular for open, realistic vocals.

 sE Electronics RNR1, the definitive ribbon mic

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This is our very best Ribbon mic. It has won huge critical acclaim, being touted by the press and professionals alike as the best Ribbon mic on the market today, and yet at no where near the cost of some of the other high end brands. What makes it so special is its extended HF and LF response, so that it maintains all the character of the best Ribbons around, but extends the use of the mic beyond the normal niche of guitars and the odd vocal.

With this ribbon you can record anything from lead vocals, to piano, drums and percussion, guitars, brass and woodwind etc etc and get the most natural reproduction of the instrument you will ever hear. 

 sE Electronics USB1000a, USB condenser mic

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Based on the sE1000a this is the ideal starter mic for project studios wishing to use USB connectivity… ideal for acoustic guitars and vocals, plus speech/podcasting 


 sE Electronics USB2200a, USB Condenser microphone

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Based on our industry standard sE2200a, this is a USB mic with several key differences to some of the cheap competitor mics coming onto the market. For a start it is switchable from USB to standard 48V phantom powered analogue, so you can use it as a true studio condenser. It also has zero latency headphone monitoring built in, so you can use it on the road with a laptop and don’t even need an audio interface.

The quality is also stunning compared with its rivals… by far the best USB mic available today. Like the 2200a its primary function is for recording studio
vocals and acoustic guitars, but it’s versatile enough to use on just about any source material, unless you have a specific requirement for multiple patterns
(e.g. overhead Omni). 


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