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The Best Cheap Guitars Available Online at Dolphin - Part 1

Published: Thu August 06, 2009  News Feed

Looking for a cheap guitar? Well, whether you want to buy a cheap acoustic or electric guitar, Dolphin Music offers a great variety of models which are not just cheap, but actually pretty GOOD! After all, it's just not just about the price - but about good value, too! So have a look at our best buys!

A guide to the best cheap guitars in stock now at Dolphin Music. Part 1: Electrics

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a good cheap guitar. You want something affordable, but not poorly made! Thankfully, there are many models which are not only cheap, but also very well made, and even ones made by top brands such as Fender!

So here's our quick guide to the best guitar deals at Dolphin, only with guitars available for under £200.

Part 1 - The Best Cheap Electric Guitars at Dolphin:

Vintage V100 - a GREAT Les paul copy

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Vintage V100 Les Paul-style

Sure, one could say they're not as good as a real Gibson...but what is? But the fact is that the Vintage V100 series might as well represent the best affordable Les Paul models right now...the quality and the finish of those guitars are simply outstanding. They are as good - if not better - than similar Epiphone models, and if you can stretch your budget just a little bit, you can go for the V100 Icon series, which offers some great aged-looking models, such as our most popular guitar at the moment, the Peter Green-inspired Lemon Drop.

Check other V100 guitars in stock

Danelectro Dano '63 - retro charm

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Danelectro Dano '63

This Danelectro model is pure retro charm and garage rock attitude. Cheap, cool and unique, with its distinctive "lipstick" pickups. Great for punk, rockabilly and garage rock.

the Dano '63 is a guitar that even a pro would be proud to own!

Crank up the spring reverb, step on your fuzz pedal and...enjoy all the delights of the Danelectro Dano '63!

Check Dano '63 guitars in stock  at Dolphin

 Squier Telecaster

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Squier by Fender Telecaster

There are quite a few very cheap Squier Telecasters, such as the Affinity Tele model which Dolphin Music sells for just £119! A Bargain for such a nice little guitar - it may be cheap but the sound and feel is pure Telecaster!

For a little bit more than £200, you can get yourself a Classic Vibe Telecaster, which is just a steal for the money...as good as many guitars with "Fender" on their headstocks!

Check all Squier by Fender Telecaster guitars in stock at Dolphin!

 Squier By Fender Stratocaster - cheap electric guitar but pretty good!

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Squier by Fender Stratocaster

The Squier Strats are cheap as they come, especially when you consider that for just £159 you can get a pack which includes practice amp, lead etc! But are they any good? Not if you're Oasis playing at Wembley, but as a first guitar or as a spare guitar they are faultless!

And if you go just over £200, the Classic Vibe Strat is actually pretty damn GREAT! Pro musicians can probably gig with them and find no reasons to complain.

Check Squier by Fender Stratocaster guitars in stock at Dolphin!

 Vintage VS6 SG-style guitar...great look, great sound!

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Vintage VS6

We all know that Vintage makes some truly amazing guitars for prices that are a joke...but a guitar that looks and sounds as good as the VS6 Vintage White costing under £200 is nothing short of miraculous!

SG lovers who can't afford a Gibbo won't be disappointed with any of the other VS6 models, either - especially the Fool SG which is inspired by the SG Eric Clapton played during his Cream days. Not cheap, mind...

Check all Vintage VS6 guitars in stock at Dolphin!

 Danelectro DC 59 - used by Jimmy Page, Syd Barrett and...pretty cheap!

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Danelectro DC '59

The Dano DC 59 may be cheap, but has great rock'n'roll credentials: Jimmy Page used this model, as well as Syd Barrett and Eric Clapton.

This reissue model is ideal for the guitarist on a budget who want a guitar that looks cool and has a nice, bright jangly sound. 

The DC 59 could be an impossibly cool first guitar, too! But any guitarist would be happy with one of them, not just beginners... 

Check the Danelectro DC 59 guitars in stock now at Dolphin!

 Vintage VR100 Limited-Edition, inspired by the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Special

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Vintage VR100

This gorgeous guitar is yet another gem from Vintage. The look derives from the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Special.

This is a great guitar for people who like The Clash, Strokes, Johnny Thunders, The Libertines...the hot p-90 pickups are ideal for raspy, edgy punk rock music.

The Wilkinson wrap-over bridge/tailpiece combination provides an authentic, direct and lively response.

Check the Vintage VR100 guitars in stock now at Dolphin!


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Vintage V6 Icon Series, Woodstock White

This is one of the coolest Strat-style guitars you can find in this price range.

Great aged look, as if it's been to woodstock and back.

As you can see, Vintage consistently makes some of the best  cheap guitars available today, and this is one of their best! Jimi would love it..

Check Vintage V6 guitars in stock now at Dolphin

 Encore E99 Blaster - great little pack!

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Encore Guitar Packs

Encore makes some pretty decent guitars that are ideal for starters, and their starter packages are some of the best buys available at the moment. Those guitars are more than good enough for any beginner who wants some decent gear.

You can choos between Strat-style pack, Telecaster-style pack or Les Paul-style pack. Retailing at under £200, you can't go wrong with these.

Check Encore Starter Guitar Packs in stock now at Dolphin!

Pink Pack at Dolphin - Exclusive Offer! One Electric + One Acoustic: Just £174.99

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Dolphin Music "Pink Pack" - EXCLUSIVE DEAL

Just imagine...you're looking for a cheap guitar...and instead you get two guitars for the price you'd expect to pay for just one!

Well, you don't need to imagine it anymore - Dolphin is here to make it real! Get a Vintage V300 acoustic and a Shine SI10 stratocaster-style electric guitar, both in pink, for just £174.99!

If this doesn't sound like a great deal in these Credit Crunch times, then we don't know what it is!

Check Pink Pack product page for more details.

 Tanglewood TSB 59 - Gibson ES335-style guitar

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Tanglewood TSB 59 Semi-Acoustic (SPECIAL MENTION!)

We decided to give some space to the TSB 59 just because they are so great!

Those guitars, inspired by the Gibson ES-335 look and sound the part, and even though they retail for over £200, they're still quite affordable at £269.

Jazz, blues and indie-rock players will find much to love about them!

Check Tanglewood TSB 59 Guitars in stock at Dolphin!

Next Week, Part 2 of this feature will focus on the best cheap acoustic guitars deals . Don't miss it!

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