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VocalBooth.com™ F.A.Q.

Published: Fri June 05, 2009  News Feed

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Frequently Asked Questions
Whether you are a drummer, voice over artist or audiologist we have a vocalbooth that is right for you. With years experience, we can confidently recommend specific booths for a wide range of applications.

Vocal Booth

VocalBooth.com™ specialize in the manufacture of professional sound isolation booths and enclosures. Our modular booths are used in home, project and professional applications world wide. Each completely enclosed system includes lighting, cable ports, active quiet ventilation, optional windows and unlimited customizations. We offer four different series to meet most any sound control/ isolation issue.

Click Here for VocalBooth Series Overview

With VocalBooth you get a Sound Isolation room with:

  1. Easy, Fast Assembly
  2. No Special Tools Needed
  3. Has Sealable Cable Ports
  4. Active, Quite Ventilation
  5. Unlimited Customisation Options

Who are VocalBooth.com™ ?

VocalBooth.com™ are a small manufacturing company located in central Oregon, USA. VocalBooth.com™ craft their booths one at a time with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

VocalBooth™ continually improve its products through research and customer feedback. Since sound enclosures are all they do at VocalBooth.com™, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality acoustic enclosure, sound room or isolation booth available today.

Modular by design, a VocalBooth™ can operate as an external standalone sound isolation solution or as an additional booth for a broadcast studio. Used by professionals worldwide (even Madonna!), applications include broadcast, voice over, recording, studio control, audio post production, as well as rehearsal and meeting rooms.

Each completely enclosed system includes lighting, cable ports, active ventilation, optional windows and unlimited customizations. Available in a single or double-wall shaped design called the Diamond Series™ which are available in four sizes.

Dolphin Music are the European distributor for the highly aclaimed Vocal Booth brand. We have been selling vocal booths for over 5 years and believe that there really isn't another product that beats it for value for money. The booths are very easy to set up and take down, offer a supurb recording enviroment and help reduce sound within areas.

What difference will a VocalBooth™ make with my recordings?

A VocalBooth™ helps to create a more controlled recording/ isolated environment. It will greatly reduce and possibly eliminate current background and/or outside noise. This will allow you to sculpt vocals, instrumentals and/or test materials without unwanted ambient noise. Our fully enclosed VocalBooths™ will provide a substantial separation from the existing room.

Download this Features and Benefits list, for more info.

What type of sound can I expect recording in a VocalBooth™?

The vocal booths have been engineered to allow for optimum audio replication. Whatever you may be recording or testing, you can expect a non-colored, clean audio reproduction for your sculpting endeavors. Your sound is only as good as the source and our VocalBooths™ allow for a controlled environment for superior recordings.

Will a VocalBooth™ work for my application?

There are many different applications in which a VocalBooth™ is successfully used. Most commonly a VocalBooth™ is used for recording, voice over, broadcast, studio control, audio post production, drum isolation, rehearsal, audiology, scientific testing, industrial sound dampening, conferencing and karaoke. Please contact our VocalBooth™ experts to help you identify your critical needs and to ensure a perfect solution.

After setting up my VocalBooth™ can I move it?

Yes, all VocalBooths™ can be assembled and disassembled an unlimited number of times.

How does the ventilation system work?

The custom designed standard ventilation system offers in/out airflow while at the same time keeping the noise generated by moving air to a minimum. A remote fan unit connects via a flexible duct to our active vent exhaust. Warmer air is actively pulled from the VocalBooth™ and travels through a baffle box. The air pulled from the VocalBooth™ is replaced by cooler ambient air from the surrounding environment which passes through a separate passive baffle box.

The ventilation system exchanges air once every five minutes. All fan units come with an on/off switch that can be placed inside or outside your VocalBooth™. In addition to the standard ventilation system we offer a VB Vent Silencer™ upgrade. The VB Vent Silencer upgrade is a muffled fan unit for the remote fan and allows quieter fan noise inside and outside of the VocalBooth™.

How does shipping work?

VocalBooth™ panels are stacked and sealed into a large plywood crate. Items in stock can be delivered within 48h, depending on stock availability and on your location, and be installed by yourself or by Dolphin. We provide a shipping quote when the customer let us know their address contact details. The shipping quote depends upon the size of the booth in question and your location. We can deliver to anywhere in Europe, as we are the VocalBooth.com™ European distrubtor. For more info, please contact our sales team on 0844 815 0888.

Is a VocalBooth™ easy to put together?

Two able bodied persons can install a 4' x 4' Silver Series VocalBooth™ in under an hour. There are no tedious small parts to assemble and the only tool you will need is a screwdriver for putting on the doorknob. Our design is uncomplicated and the written directions are straightforward. Window and doors are preinstalled within the panels. Our Gold Series™ VocalBooths™ take a little more time and some of our larger VocalBooths™ may need a cordless drill.

Our double-wall designed Platinum Series™ will take slightly more time because of the second interior wall. The Diamond Series™ is available in either our Gold or Platinum design and is just as easy to construct.

What sizes are available?

Our Silver Series™ is available in 4' x 4' only. The Gold and Platinum Series™ are available from 4' x 4' and up to 16' x 16' and are expandable at a later date if desired. Our Diamond Series™ is available in four sizes, 3 Carat (approximate volume of a 4' x 4'), 5 Carat (approximate volume of 5' x 5'), 10 Carat (approximate volume of 6' x 6') and 14 Carat (approximate volume of 7' x 7'). Custom sizes are also available.

What type of customizations can I add to a VocalBooth™?

In addition to our standard VocalBooths™ which include lighting, cable ports, active ventilation, wall-to-wall acoustic gray foam or acoustic fabric interior we offer many additional options. All windows are optional. Wall window sizes are either 3' x 3' or 3' x 6' (must have an 8' wall). Door widows are available in either 1' x 2' or 2' x 2.5'.

We offer many optional exterior colors. You can change the color of your interior with either different colored Auralex Foam or a fabric wrapped interior. For easy mobility and floor separation we can add a caster wheel base. You may also opt for a beautiful hardwood floor. We also offer height extension or height reduction to your specs.

If you are in need of wall mounts for monitors or other devices we can provide this to your specifications. If you would like your ventilation ceiling mounted rather than wall mounted there is no charge. For even more quiet ventilation we offer our vent silencer upgrade for low volume recordings. We are more than happy to build custom booths to your exact specifications. Additional fees apply for most of our upgrade options. If you're a voice over artist, please also check our custom packages already in stock - they might be perfect for you!

What are VocalBooths™ made of?

VocalBooths™ are fully enclosed rooms which include wall, floor and ceiling panels. Our main components are ¾" OSB with exterior 1/8" acoustic fabric. Depending on which series you go with the interior will differ. The Silver Series™ wall construction is 1/8" acoustic fabric, ¾" OSB and 2" acoustic foam. The Gold Series™ is 1/8" acoustic fabric, ¾" OSB, ½" sound board and 2" acoustic foam. The double-wall designed Platinum Series™ is 1/8" acoustic fabric, ¾" OSB, ½" sound board, 2" acoustic foam, ¾" OSB and 1/8" acoustic fabric. Our Diamond Series™ is available in either our Gold or Platinum Series construction.

We use the highest quality materials in our manufacturing. Our layering process of OSB board and sound deadening board is overall better than a single layer MDF board system. We prefer our OSB layering to MDF due to its sound attenuation properties and its high resistance to warping, cracking and breakage during transport and assembly. The Gold, Platinum and Diamond Series use a solid wood double sealed door compared to the Silver Series foam core single sealed door. Silver and Gold Series windows are double paned and the Platinum triple paned.

How soundproof is a VocalBooth™?

The best way to understand sound reduction is to determine how you will use your new VocalBooth™. For recording in our Silver and Gold Series VocalBooths™, most if not all environmental noise outside your building (with windows and doors closed) will not read on your tracks.

Though the Silver and Gold Series™ are both a single-wall design the Gold Series™ has an increased sound reduction. Most ambient office noise (40db to 50db) should not read on your tracks as well as speaker monitors kept in this decibel range. For use as practice rooms, loud singing and shouting is heavily muffled. Drums and amplified instruments are greatly subdued. With your studio doors and windows closed, other rooms and other tenants should not hear acoustic instruments and loud vocals from inside your VocalBooth™.

For our Platinum Series™, sound reduction performance is enhanced over the Silver and Gold Series™ and allows louder monitoring. The Diamond Series™ is available in either the Gold or Platinum Series. Please contact a VocalBooth.com™ representative to help you identify your critical needs and to ensure a perfect solution.

Why do some competitors post higher decibel reduction numbers?

It is difficult to accurately compare products on the market based on posted decibel reduction numbers because results can vary greatly based on the methodology of testing. Basically what it comes down to is that location of testing sites will differ and therefore provide different results.

The law of diminishing returns apply on single-wall and double-wall sound enclosure systems. Once your seals are solid, an increase in wall thickness does not substantially increase sound reduction. Also, there are no lightweight “high tech” materials that make a substantial difference. Solid mass and decoupled walls with airspace between them are the best solution.

We pride ourselves in providing the best product in our class with professional results internationally. What we can guarantee is that we use the highest rated sound reduction materials in the manufacturing of VocalBooths™ while at the same time keeping mobility and affordability in mind.

How do microphone cables and electric lines enter a VocalBooth™?

The cable ports, which are 3 ½" ports in the wall, allow cables into the VocalBooth™. Once your lines that you desire our placed, seal the cable port with the acoustic foam provided. Additional cable ports can be installed at no extra charge.

Can I change window and door placement later on? Yes, all panels are interchangeable for each series as long as there is a panel with the same width. Our unique modular design allows you to decide where the door, window and vent panels go when you assemble. At any time you can choose to have your window panel on the left or the right side. When ordering you must determine which side your door swings open—where the hinges are placed on the left or right side. This feature can be only changed by repurchasing a door.

Where can I can see a VocalBooth™?

We have customers throughout the US and overseas. Unfortunately to view one of our VocalBooths™ would be overly imposing on them. But our sales team is ready and willing to discuss with you the best solution for your application.

What tools will I need to set up my VocalBooth™?

VocalBooth.com™ products are constructed for simple assembly. The only required tools are a Phillips head screw driver and a razor blade for opening the crate and unpacking materials. For a speedier set up we find that our customers may use a power screw driver but this is not required. Instructions are strait forward and allow for easy assembly.

How much does a VocalBooth™ weigh?

The weight of your VocalBooth™ is obviously determined by its size. You can calculate approximately the weight of your VocalBooth™ by the type and number of panels. A standard panel is 4' x 8'. Smaller sized VocalBooths™ such as a 6' x 6' will have a 4' and a 2' wide panel to make up a 6' wall. You can divide the weight listed below for these standard panels accordingly.
A blank 4' x 8' panel weighs approximately 75 lbs. A panel with a window will also weigh approximately 75 lbs. The door panel will weigh approximately 160 - 200 lbs. (Moving the door panel will need the help of more than one person for installation.) The floor and ceiling are considered blank panels and weight determined by size.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Any defects in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the VocalBooth™ factory within one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage that results from misuse, mishandling, abuse, vandalism, alteration, or lack of reasonable care. Any alterations to VocalBooth™ products without written consent from VocalBooth.com, Inc nullify this warranty.

All sound rooms are for indoor use only and are not 100% soundproof. Sound rooms are modular, non-permanent, stand-alone structures without electrical wiring. Compliance with local and national building codes is purchaser's responsibility. VocalBooth™ use non-toxic water based paints. Touch up paint may be necessary. All panels and parts are standard sized building materials. Most tolerance levels rated at 1/4". Sound rooms will not withstand human weight or storage above ceiling. Vocalbooth.com Inc. will not compensate for assembly or time loss due to non-booth usage. For further info contact us via this form or call us at 0844 815 0888.

Can I get replacement parts?

You may simply contact your sales team directly to request replacement parts. Depending on the reason for replacement and/or the part requested a fee may be charged.

If you have a question not listed here please contact us using our contact form or call us at 0844 815 0888

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