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Weekly News Round-Up: Easter Bank Holiday Special

Published: Thu April 09, 2009  News Feed

Korg Kaoss Pad 3 Now in Stock!

Korg’s KAOSS technology has been embraced by DJs, musicians and producers alike. No other interface is as intuitive, immediate or just plain fun to use. From Brian Eno to Jonny Greenwood, from Trent Reznor to Matt Bellamy, Radiohead and Bloc Party, many musicians discovered the wonders of the Kaoss Pad...maybe the next one will be YOU!

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This Week's News:

Too much music?

Is there too much music?

Neil McCormick of the Telegraph suggests that perhaps the answer is yes. Music in shops, cars, film soundtracks, personal stereos, computers. Are we in danger of being overwhelmed?  Read more...

Coldplay vs. Satriani: Whose Side Are You On?

Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani: band challenge 'copy' claims

Coldplay have denied, in a US federal court, that they copied parts of rock guitarist Joe Satriani's music for their hit song, Viva La Vida. Listen to both and make up your mind! Read more...

Glenn Gould

Pianist Glenn Gould foresaw tech role in music

This week marks 45 years since Glenn Gould made his last public erformance. He preferred to offer recordings that someday, he wrote, could be altered by the listener in different ways. Read more!

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410

Offer Of The Week: Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410

Save over £200 off SRP when you buy the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410, one of the most sought-after guitar amps right now, as used by several top bands such as The Strokes, Bloc Party and Coldplay. Find out what's the fuss all about... Read More...

Classical Guitars rock!

Rock's Secret Weapon: Why Classical Guitars Rock!

For most players, the realm of classical guitars is one that they’d just as soon avoid. The scale length is different, the neck is wider, and they’re harder to play, so why bother? But many bands, including The Beatles, have used this instrument. Find out why you should try a Classical Guitar, too! Read more...

Cubase 5 Workshop video

Cubase 5 Workshop - part 1

Dolphin Music recently had the opportunity of hosting the Cubase 5 tour. This evening offered a one-off workshop demonstrating the new advanced features of Cubase  Watch here

Beatles Reunite

Former Beatles reunite onstage in New York

Remaining Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed together at a New York charity show on Saturday night, their first time together in seven years.  Read more...

Animal Collective and Korg M3

Animal Collective turn to Korg M3 for next album

Call it "noise pop," "neo-psychedelia," or "avant-garde electro-folk," it doesn't really matter; the fresh and experimental approach Animal Collective takes to their music creates a sound all their own, and now they've discovered the Korg M3 Workstation...Read More

Learn about Acoustic Treatment...

A Basic Guide to Acoustic Treatment

Here is an excellent excerpt from Audiotuts which gives you are more than easy to understand introduction to sound treatment. These tips and guidelines should get beginners up and running and generally help to clarify the whole subject of room acoustics. Read More...

Hayden MoFo

Hayden Releases the MoFo - Valve Amp Handwired in the UK!

The MoFo by Hayden is an all-valve guitar amp with a whole lot of attitude - and handwired in England! But unlike other mini guitar amp heads, the MoFo is definitely not a one trick pony.  Read more!

Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni

Michelle Obama Gives French First Lady an acoustic Guitar

American First Lady Michelle Obama presented France’s First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, with a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar “as a sign of friendship” over the weekend.  Read more!

Green tag Sale in Liverpool


Green Tag Sale In Liverpool! Save up to 50% on guitar brands like Fender, Yamaha, Takamine, Gretsch, Italia, Boss, DigiTech and more!  Find out more...

How to sound like your idols, on the cheap...

Credit Crunch Shopping: How To Sound Like Your Idols...On The Cheap

In these credit crunch times, not everyone can spend lots of money on gear. Here's some gear tips for fans of Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Beatles and many other acts - Get Some Cheap Gear! Check our list of cheap alternatives to more expensive products!  Read more

The Album is still alive...

The Album Is Still Alive

Technology Doesn't Mean The End For Extended Work—Or Artistic Packaging. So says a recent editortial from the misc-bible Billboard. Do you agree? Read More...

Superstar DJs...over?

Is the superstar DJ era over?

Thanks to the rise and rise of Laptop DJs and live music, the era of the turntable-spinning superstar Dj may soon be over...or not? Read to find out. Read More...

Social Networking works...for some bands

Social Networking Rocks — But Only for Some Bands

Many bands take every opportunity to use social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook/. We all expect that. But other artists are reluctant to embrace these tools despite expert assertions that such activity grows a band's fan base and, ultimately, its revenue. Read More...

Shred With Dolphin!

Coming Soon in Liverpool: Shred With Dolphin!

Bring your friends and have fun Saturday 18th April, at our Shred With Dolphin event in Huddersfield! Show off your shredding skills for the chance to win a Dolphin goodie bag!  Read more...

Alesis DM-5 plus free drum-throne

Step into the world of professional electronic percussion with the Alesis DM5 Pro kit (+ free drum throne) IN STOCK NOW

The Alesis DM5 Pro Kit is a complete high quality electronic drum kit. It delivers professional sound and familiar, comfortable playability thanks to durable, real drum heads. Play LOUD, practice quiet!  Read More...

Fender Road Worn..in stock now at Dolphin

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