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Muse Research Receptor v1.3 Update Now Available

Published: Sat July 09, 2005  News Feed
We are very excited to announce that the version 1.3 software for Receptor is now available! Version 1.3 adds several new features including support for plug-ins that allow for multiple outputs, like FXpansion\'s BFD and samplers such as Kontakt from Native Instruments. Additionally, the new system software features new keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly control your Receptor when a mouse and keyboard are attached. Also new is a plug-in registration tool that provides support for a large number of new plug-ins from a variety of vendors, including sample libraries from East West. This software, available free to all registered Receptor customers, will soon be available for download from Plugorama.

Multi-output support turns Receptor into a powerful sampler
Receptor has established itself as an unparalleled live performance instrument, excelling in running various virtual instruments. Now with the multi-output support enhancements, Receptor becomes a remarkably powerful sampler, allowing you to assign a virtual instrument\'s output channels to separate audio channel strips in Receptor. In turn, you can add separate VST effects to these outputs, and assign these outputs to any of the 10 physical outputs found in Receptor.

Parallel Effects processing now possible in Receptor
In addition to allowing separate output assignments for multiple output plug-ins in Receptor, Version 1.3 software also allows you to assign the audio outputs of a stereo output plug-in to multiple audio channels, allowing you to create massively parallel effects matrices, and assign these to different physical outputs. This allows you to take a drum beat from a plug-in such as BFD or RMX and send the output to two different channel strips, one that has no effects on it for monitoring via the headphones, and another with compression and reverb for sending to a digital mixer via the ADAT or S/PDIF outputs for front of house mixing.

Summary of new features for Version 1.3 software:
There are a variety of features that come with this upgrade, in addition to several refinements to the Receptor host software:

  • Support for multiple output plug-ins with the ability to assign various plug-in outputs to separate audio mixer channels inside Receptor.
  • New keyboard short cuts to facilitate faster operation with a keyboard or via Receptor Remote which allows complete control of Receptor from a computer.
  • Direct display of MIDI CC order and assignments for easier integration with MIDI controllers.
  • Support for mono plug-ins, automatically \"stereo-izing\" them for use with Receptor\'s effects and mixing architecture.
  • Support for registration of various plug-ins such from East West, Native Instruments, Garritan, etc., allowing you to purchase these plug-ins from your local retailer and install them on Receptor.
  • Support for new plug-ins such as FXpansion\'s BFD, BFD Lite, and the 8-bit and XFL expander kits; G-MEDIA\'s Minimonsta:Melohman and Oddity; General Vibe\'s Vector Sector, Native Instrument\'s Absynth 3, Guitar Rig, Guitar Combos, and Kontakt; East West Symphonic Libraries, Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus and Stylus RMX, and Garritan\'s Personal Orchestra.

Version 1.3 is just the beginning
Receptor was designed from the beginning to easily network with Macs or PCs, through which you can edit and control a plug-in\'s GUI, upgrade software and add new features. Version 1.3 software is the third release of software since the introduction of Receptor, and is available free to all Receptor customers by visiting Plugorama.

Watch out for version 1.4 in the next few weeks, featuring the highly anticipated UNIWIRE technology that allows audio, MIDI and remote control to be performed on Receptor using only a single Ethernet cable!

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