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New Bare Bones Computer Systems

Published: Wed June 23, 2004  News Feed

To compiment our new range of Apple Mac computers we have designed five PC based systems to suit all budgets.

What features are important when choosing a computer system?

1. Processing Power
Todays virtual instruments are putting a great deal of strain on computer processors and to ensure you can run a number of instruments simultaneously you will need a fast processor.  We recommend Pentium 4 processors running at 2.8GHz or faster to ensure smooth operation.

2. Computer Memory (RAM)
The amount of RAM a computer has dictates how many simultaneous tasks it can perform before the performance of the computer becomes noticably slower.  Audio and MIDI sequencers put a lot of demand on system RAM and we recommend at least 512Mb RAM but strongly suggest that you opt for 1Gb RAM.  The more memory you have the better the performance of your computer.

3. Buss Speed
A computers front buss speed is the speed that information can pass through the computer.  It would be no good having a very fast processor with loads of RAM if your computers buss speed is only 100MHz becuase the computer would not be able to get the information to the processor or RAM quick enough to take advantage of them.  The front buss speed can be a bottle neck for the information in your computer which is why we recommend at least 533MHz front side buss to ensure good system performance.

4. Hard Drive Space
Whether you are record multiple channels of audio or if you use many of todays huge sample based instruments, hard drive space should be a primary concern.  We recommend that you purchase a system with two hard drives, one to act as the system disk containing the operating system and any coresponding user data and one specifically for audio data.  By having a dedicated drive for audio you ensure that the read and write speed to the hard drive will not effect the quality of the audio being recorded or played back.

5. Video Output
Audio and MIDI sequencers are offering more features than ever.  To take advantage of these features we recommend getting a dual monitor output video card.  This will allow you to run two monitors from the one computer and share the output to each monitor.  Imagine the improvement to your workflow if you could have one screen dedicated to your arrangement and another screen dedicated to your software mixer.

6. System Acoustics
Background noise can heavily impact your ability to mix effectively.  There is little point spending money on studio reference monitor speakers if the audio output is muffled by the computers noisy fans and hard drives.  Our higher end systems come with low noise power supply units but why not take the extra step and fit a CPU and HD Silencer Pack to further reduce the acoustic noise produced by your system.

   2.6GHz Celeron System  P4 2.8GHz Basic Tower  P4 2.8GHz Advanced Tower  P4 2.8MHz Standard Rack  P4 3.4GHz Advanced Rack
 Case  4 bay  4 bay  Transmeatlic Tower  19\" 4 Unit rack case  19\" 4 Unit rack case
 PSU  300w power supply  300w power supply  350w low noise psu  350w quiet psu  350w quiet psu
 CPU  Intel Celeron 2.6GHz  Intel P4 2.8Mhz  Intel P4 2.8 Mhz  Intel P4 2.8 Mhz  Intel P4 3.4 Mhz
 Buss Speed  400Mhz  533Mhz  533Mhz  533Mhz   800Mhz
 Memory  256MB DDR  512MB DDR 333Mhz  1 GB DDR 333Mhz  1 GB DDR 333Mhz  1.5 GB DDR 400Mhz
 DVD - + RW  Option  Option  Option  Option  Option
 Video Output  64Mb Single monitor  64Mb Single monitor  64Mb Single monitor  32Mb Dual monitor  128Mb Dual monitor
 Hard Drive 1  40Gb 7200rpm  80Gb 7200rpm  120Gb 7200rpm  120Gb 7200rpm  80Gb 7200rpm
 Hard Drive 2  Option  Option  Option  Option  250Gb Serial ATA
 Warranty  3 Years Return to base  3 Years Return to base  3 Years Return to base  3 Years Return to base  3 Years Return to base
 Operating System  XP Home  XP Pro  XP Home  XP Home  XP Pro
 FireWire  Option  Option  3 into 1 PCI card  3 into 1 PCI card  3 into 1 PCI card
 Modem  56K Modem  Option  Option  Option  Option
 Network Connection  10/100  10/100  10/100  10/100  10/100
 Floppy  3.5\" Floppy  3.5\" Floppy  3.5\" Floppy  3.5\" Floppy  3.5\" Floppy
 Mouse  3 Button ball  Net Scroll  5 Button optical  5 Button optical  Wireless 5 Button optical
 Keyboard  Standard PS2  Standard PS2  PS2 Colour coordinated  PS2 Colour coordinated  Wireless PS2 black
 Optimized for audio  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Low noise rack fans  N/A  N/A  N/A  Yes  Yes
 USB Connections  6 x USB 2.0  6 x USB 2.0  6 x USB 2.0  6 x USB 2.0  6 x USB 2.0
 Hyperthreading  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Hard Drive Partitioned  20 / 20  20 / 60  40 / 80  40 / 80  N / A
 Basic Price  £499.00  £679.00  £829.00  £999.00  £1899.00
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