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Sonalksis SV315 compressor and SV517 EQ

Published: Thu June 16, 2005  News Feed

Sonalksis was established in 2002, in Liverpool, England. Although the company is young, and its employees youthful, there is certainly no lack of experience here; the four founding members are linked by their former roles as R&D engineers for AMS-Neve, and are all accomplished industry professionals.

Indeed everyone who contributes to our developments has established credentials in the pro-audio industry, and a true passion for sound and music. Together, we use our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in audio engineering to design products that we believe are unparalleled in their sonic calibre.

The company was officially launched in July 2003 with the release of the SV-517 EQ, after many months spent developing our \'state-space\' modelling technology. We hope our continued efforts to provide innovative solutions for digital audio processing will ensure a bright future - for us and our customers.

State-Space Technology

The Sonalksis SV-xxx range of plug-ins are designed with integrated \'State-Space\' technology. This allows us to physically model, and not just emulate, the way analogue audio is processed.

Traditionally, audio signals have been processed with analogue circuits. The sonic character of analogue processors is influenced by the smallest details in circuit design and component quality. While the domain of digital audio offers performance not easily achieved with analogue technology, standard digital audio processing techniques often produce clinical and uninspiring results, because they lack the \'character inducing\' subtleties inherent in analogue designs.

State-Space modelling technology allows us to maintain the sonic aesthetic of traditional analogue processing, because it enables real analogue signal path characteristics to be encapsulated in a digital design.

Standard digital implementations of processes such as Compression or EQ rely on emulating the ‘external’ characteristics of the process. This means the processor is designed according to mathematical equations that simply relate the output signal to the input signal. However, factors that are extremely important in the design of high quality audio processors, such as the transient response, or the response to dynamic parameters, are typically part of the ‘internal’ description of a processor, and as such can not be accurately modelled using normal methods.

Sonalksis state-space technology superimposes the internal characteristics of a processor onto the external model, meaning the state-space model provides a detailed \'physical\' description of the processor, rather than a standard \'input-output\' emulation.

All Sonalksis processors utilising state-space technology are fundamentally designed as analogue prototypes, and transformed into digital equivalents with this technology - thus the resulting processor retains the true original analogue character. Furthermore, once the model is in digital form, it can be extended to provide a flexibility than could not ordinarily be achieved.

The Product Range

The award winning SV range of audio plug-ins are an essential part of any studio. Providing processing solutions for the routine tasks of compression, equalisation and gating, these products are anything but regular. Using proprietary Sonalksis \'state-space\' technology, these plug-ins are physically modelled to provide the ultimate in high-quality analogue sound.

The SV-517 multi-style analogue Equaliser

\"Does it behave in an analogue-like way? To my ears, absolutely\" - Audio Media Magazine

\"Quite simply the finest sounding, best designed plug-in EQ I have ever had the pleasure to work with.\"

The SV-315 analogue Compressor

\"Spectacular Sound....the sound is unbeatable\" - UK Computer Music Magazine

\"10/10 for Sound, 10/10 for stability\" - Future Music magazine  

Demo versions and more details are available from www.sonalksis.com.

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