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M-Audio Releases Groundbreaking New Torq 1.5 DJ Software

Published: Wed December 31, 2008  News Feed

Software upgrade delivers innovative new creative tools and workflow enhancements for digital DJs

M-Audio is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Torq® 1.5 DJ software for Mac OS X and Windows. Torq 1.5 brings even more creative options to the only digital DJ workstation designed to merge live DJ performance and advanced music production.

New features in Torq 1.5 software include Tempo Anchors, Tempo Master, zplane élastique time stretching, send/receive MIDI Clock, a new toolbar and a variety of workflow enhancements. Torq 1.5 DJ software takes DJs beyond simple beat matching and crossfading by offering a host of real-time creative options previously unavailable in the industry.

Top Features

  • cue, beat-match and mix digital files > leave your cumbersome records and CDs safe at home
  • works instantly and seamlessly with compatible M-Audio hardware > no complex set-ups or conflicts
  • organizes digital audio files (including iTunes) into easily searchable database >instant access to your entire digital library
  • supports optional third-party VST effects > add your own signature sound
  • 16-cell tempo-synced sampler > trigger loops and samples on the fly
  • ReWire support > take your performance to the studio
  • transmits and receives MIDI beat clock >flexible synchronization with external devices
  • compatible with control vinyl/CDs >easily integrates with traditional DJ hardware

Torq is a fully equipped DJ software workstation that provides innovative tools and production power to set you apart from everyone else. In addition to essential cueing, beat-matching and mixing, Torq goes beyond all other DJ applications by offering a host of real-time creative options unavailable anywhere else. Unique features like built-in effects processing, ReWire support and a 16-cell sampler let you bring powerful studio processing to your live sets, as well as infuse your studio productions with live energy. Torq software is designed to work seamlessly with select M-Audio DJ hardware, forming a completely integrated system for rock-solid performance hour after hour. Torq 1.5 brings dynamic new additions like Tempo Anchors, Tempo Master, zPlane Elastique time stretching, send/receive MIDI clock, a new toolbar and more.

Get in Sync

Torq 1.5 takes your performance beyond simple beat-matching and crossfading between tracks. Tempo Anchors allow you to set the phase grid exactly on the beats of a song—even if the song changes tempo. Tempo Anchors make it possible for Torq to remove tempo variations from songs so you can easily blend old styles and new. For example, if you have an old ‘70s funk song that was recorded without a click, Tempo Anchors enable you to perfectly match that song with the steady beat of today’s computer-driven productions. You can also assign a track you’re spinning to serve as the Tempo Master for everything in Torq, so looped samples and other tempo-based features will automatically match the natural tempo changes in the song. These new features are enhanced by the addition of the zplane élastique time stretching algorithm, a time compression/expansion tool that performs extreme audio warping with exceptional precision and sonic quality—allowing you to keep your entire mix perfectly in key.

Audio Production Centerpiece

On stage and in the studio, Torq 1.5 provides the ideal centerpiece for your audio production setup. Want to hook up your outboard gear? Torq can send and receive MIDI beat clock, allowing total synchronization with drum machines, effects boxes and other computers. Multiple DJs can now connect with each other and share the same tempo across systems—improving collaboration between artists.

Enhanced User Interface

Torq 1.5 software incorporates several highly anticipated new features that improve the user interface and provide new creative options. The Hide Mixer option conserves screen space by removing the mixer from the user interface and expanding the file browser window. The Browser Preview function lets you preview songs in your headphones before loading them into a deck. New file list categories such as “Year” and “Label” help with song organization—you can even hide and rearrange categories for improved searching through your database. Torq 1.5 also displays a warning message if you are exiting the program or loading a song onto a deck that’s already playing—preventing accidental set interruption during a live performance.

In addition, many of Torq’s preferences have been duplicated as small buttons in the redesigned toolbar. Commonly used features like External Control and AMPutate mode can now be enabled without opening the Preferences dialog. Sync mode, Schaffel mode and the new Skip Protection feature can also be changed on the fly. You can trigger all of these buttons with a compatible MIDI controller like M-Audio’s Oxygen 8 v2 or Trigger Finger.

Never Miss a Beat

Torq 1.5 also includes new features designed to enhance the mixing process and give you complete control over your set. Skip Protection for external vinyl control keeps the music playing—even if the needle briefly jumps or skips off the record. True Key Lock keeps the pitch constant when you change speed using external turntable controls or the scratch wheels on Torq Xponent. The new Auto Gain feature compensates for volume differences in songs—smoothing out transitions between tracks with different levels. And the MIDI Soft Takeover feature prevents parameter jumps when using external controllers.

Torq 1.5 also includes a new beat-detection algorithm that analyzes tracks according to Musical Style Preferences. You can select from a long list of styles before analyzing songs—improving the reliability of results. If a song is analyzed improperly, simply change the musical style and re-analyze the track.

Advanced Effects Processing

Torq revolutionized digital DJ performance and production by combining DJ software essentials with a broad assortment of cutting-edge effects. Torq 1.5 takes you even further with new features that improve effects processing and inspire creativity. The built-in effects can now be formed into Effects Chains, allowing more creative options than ever before. For example, you can take the output of a Delay and feed it into a Dual Filter and Reverb before mixing it back into the main outputs (great for dub-style swooshy delays).

Torq 1.5 also supports VST Tempo so external effects can be synchronized to the playing track. The innovative Snapshot feature now includes a powerful Swap function—allowing you to mirror your settings between decks. These advanced features help you create your own style, blurring the line between live DJ performance and advanced music production.

Stay in the Loop

Torq 1.5 stands apart from other digital DJ solutions by delivering advanced looping tools for remixing and mashing up tracks on the fly. The new Pre-Loop feature allows you to loop a section of audio you just passed—using the QuickLoop buttons to capture loops ending at the current position. Smart Mode ensures that you capture loops of musical size. When the Quantize feature is activated, new Loops and Cue points will be added at the nearest 16th note.

Torq’s QuickLoop buttons also have a new selectable behavior called Direct Mode, which mimics the behavior of DJ CD player loop buttons. Once a loop is created, the QuickLoop buttons become divisors of the loop length—pressing 2 will halve the current loop, while pressing 1 will return it to its original length.

Easier than Ever

A host of other innovative tools streamline the creative process and improve the user interface. For example, you can clear all effects by holding the shift key and clicking Bypass. It’s also easy to unload tracks from a deck—just hold shift and press either F1 or F2. When beat-juggling between decks, Cue Points added to one track are immediately reflected in the other. And when using the browser in max view, you can drag and drop tracks onto the tiny decks located at the top of the screen—without returning to regular view first. With all of these enhancements, Torq 1.5 is more powerful and easier to use than ever before.

Free 1.5 Upgrade for New Torq Customers

Customers who purchased and registered a Torq system on or after January 17, 2008 are eligible for a free upgrade to Torq 1.5 software.

Learn more about upgrading to Torq 1.5 DJ software

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