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Apple Financial Services

Published: Thu April 21, 2005  News Feed

With all the hot new Apple products, there has never been a better time to finance a new Apple computer. Apple Financial Services (AFS) offers a wide variety of programs that make it easy and affordable to acquire the latest technology. Whether you’re buying for your home, a school or university, or a business, Apple has a program designed to make buying or leasing a Macintosh as easy as using one.

Operating Lease*+

The core finance product which allows you to spread the cost of IT investment. Apple Financial Services owns the equipment and leases it to you over an agreed term for regular fixed rental payments. Equipment can be added or upgraded at any time during the lease term. The lease includes a residual value of at least 10% that allows the funding to be taken from the revenue rather than the capital expenditure budget.
*Credit subject to status.
+True operating lease & finance lease also available.

Technology Refresh*

At any time during the life of the agreement you will be able to take advantage of the Technology Refresh* option to upgrade or enhance your equipment. This means that your customers will be able to exchange a pre-determined amount of equipment, without an increase in their rental. This amount is called the Technology Refresh allowance.
*Credit subject to status.


You can upgrade your equipment at any point during your lease. The Apple Financial Services will quote you an upgrade figure based on your existing agreement. This figure is then added to the cost of the new equipment and the new rental is calculated using the relevant price banding . The existing agreement will be settled and a new agreement created. Payments for the new lease will be due on commencement. For documentation purposes a standard hire agreement will be completed.
*Credit subject to status.


An Add-on is where additional equipment is added on to your existing agreement. This is also referred to as a Co-Terminus agreement. The Apple Financial Services team will provide you with an add-on figure. For documentation purposes an Add-On Schedule will be completed.
*Credit subject to status.

Payment Frequency

The normal payment frequency for a lease is quarterly by direct debit however, if you would prefer to pay monthly, termly, annually or bi-annually this can also be arranged.

How leasing works

What is a lease?

A lease (often known as a rental plan or hire agreement) is a simple agreement between us, the owner of the equipment and you, the user. We buy the equipment from Apple Store and lease it to you over an agreed period for a regular fixed amount. We recommend that you choose a lease term that matches the estimated useful working life of the equipment.
Why should my business lease?

When you recruit your next employee will you pay them 3 years salary in advance? Of course not, you will remunerate them on a \'pay as you earn\' basis, normally via a monthly salary. The concept of leasing is exactly the same, allowing you to pay for the use of your computer system as it works for the company.
What is the most crucial advantage of leasing?

Again it depends on your business. Undoubtedly, leasing improves your cash flow, helps make budgeting and forecasting easier and there are tax advantages too. However, the majority of our customers claim that the ability to equip their business today and leave working capital to develop the business tomorrow is what persuaded them to lease.
What happens if my requirements change during the lease?

Our flexible agreements enable our customers to keep pace with ever improving technology. We can add to, exchange and even upgrade your whole system, usually with only a small increase in your payments. The Apple Financial Services\' Technology Refresh programme allows you to annually upgrade or enhance your equipment, without affecting your monthly payment.
Who owns the equipment at the end of the term?
We do, but there are several options available to you: If the equipment is still of use to you, we can arrange for a continuation of payment. If the equipment is of no use to you, we can either arrange an upgrade or more up-to-date equipment or simply remove the old system altogether.
What sorts of companies take equipment on lease?
It is not just household names that take advantage of the facilities from us. We have leases with all sizes of businesses from sole traders to PLCs, schools, universities and hotels. Leasing is a universally accepted finance option.

Members of the Finance and Leasing Association, of which Apple Financial Services is one, have existing agreements with:

  • 95% of the Times Top 100 Companies*
  • 9 out of 10 UK Chartered Accountants*
  • 90% of Local Authorities in England and Wales*

*Sources, UK Capital Expenditure Statistical Office, Finance and Leasing Association.

Benefits to the Business Customer

Leasing with Apple Financial Services provides your business with the ability to:

  • Protect Against Technology Obsolescence

    Computer technology is evolving at a frightening pace - this can create a fear that today\'s system may not facilitate tomorrow\'s needs. Apple Financial Services can alleviate this fear by offering you a flexible add-on or upgrade plan if your requirements should change during the finance term. Apple Financial Services\' Technology Refresh option allows you to upgrade to new equipment at any point during the finance term without any increase in the existing rental.
  • Finance the Total Solution

    All costs relating to the purchase of equipment including hardware, software, training, installation, maintenance, support and services may be covered in one fixed monthly payment. A wide selection of financial products and payment terms are available from Apple Financial Services.
  • Maximise Cash Flow

    Guaranteed costs over a fixed rental term means costs can be managed with the tightest of budgets. Financing frees capital resources for other important investment and operating activities. Existing credit lines remain intact and available for other working capital needs which helps make budgeting and forecasting easier. Rentals are also generally 100% tax allowable.
  • Obtain the Latest Technology

    Flexible finance terms ensure your business customer can obtain the latest technology on the market. 

Lease Calculator

For a no obligation lease quote insert your total equipment cost in the \'Amount\' field below and click \'Calculate\'. If you would like to proceed with a no obligation credit check please go to the Quote section of this site. 

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