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Take a Stand and Really Hear your Music

Published: Mon October 27, 2008  News Feed

Its an all too popular misconception that having a nice pair of nearfield studio monitors is all you need in order to hear the full detail of your audio mixes – this is only half the story. In order to optimize your monitor set up there are a couple of things you can do without having to go to the expense of elaborate acoustic treatment or swatting up on the physics of sound waves night and day.

Studio monitors however good they are need to be positioned correctly – just because they are referred to as ‘free-standing’, this doesn’t mean that you can simply place them anywhere in a room and expect perfect results. The speakers need to be positioned symmetrically between the side walls, at an angle of approximately 30˚ to the centre line and roughly at head height (relative to the seating position). Where possible avoid having the speaker positioned half way between the floor and ceiling and also position away from the room boundaries – especially the corners as this will give a false bass enhancement which is renowned for causing problems in the low end of the mix.

In the ideal situation a monitor speaker would be a floating source – i.e. it would be suspended in space to eliminate vibrations of any kind which have an undesirable affect on the sound produced. Although it is physically impossible to produce a floating speaker (without bringing some other undesirable parameter into the equation), a professional monitor stand such as the Ultimate MS-B2 stands will dramatically improve the performance of any monitor…..but how???

Ultimate's Monitor stands feature metal base spikes, monitor isolation pads, the ability to add shot or sand internally, cabinet quality top plates, & cable management – all of which contribute to a better monitor performance.

Monitor Isolation

The monitor isolation pads are small rubber pads which sit between the speaker and the stand top plate – these rubber pads seriously reduce the vibration sent up and down the stand by the speaker itself and can be thought of as the front line defense.

Stable Stand

The aluminum stand column can be filled with lead shot or cheap building sand to give it a dense characteristic. If you cast your mind back to your school days you’ll recall that the more dense an object the less sustainable it is to vibrations.

Eliminate Sound Dampening

Metal spikes can be attached to the base corners which will go through carpet and padding and rest on the subfloor. This bypassed the sound-dampening effect by reducing the surface area of the stand base and ultimately coming closer to the ‘floating speaker. For hard surfaces and posh wooden floors use rubber feet (included).

Streamlined and Clean

Cable management runs up the rear from top to bottom. A plastic strip snaps in the back to retain and hide cables. This unique feature has two channels to prevent interference when using non-balanced cables. It also keeps the cables out the center channel when you weight the stand with shot or sand.

Looks are Everything

The Ultimate monitor stands have also been designed to look great so as well as the practical application in the studio these stands are ideal for living rooms to get those expensive speakers up to ear level and produce the sharpest and clearest sound possible.

Ultimate Support stand

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