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Here Comes The Autumn - Listen To The Best Autumn Songs!

Published: Mon September 29, 2008  News Feed

This is usually the most melancholic – and often most beautiful- season of the year. Here's the perfect soundtrack...you don't need to feel sorry that the Summer is over!

As the Summer bids farewell and a long cold winter looms on the horizon, it's no wonder that the season that falls between the two has been a fertile ground for artists, musicians and poets, who find in it plenty of opportunities for metaphors: as the leaves start to fall, and the cycle of life - of birth, death and rebirth - is none more so evident, this is the perfect time for contemplation and introspection, and here's our selection of songs inspired by the season.

Songs that bring some of the beauty and melancholy of this time of the year. As you listen to them, you can almost picture the read and yellow leaves falling on the ground all around you...enjoy!

1) The Small Faces, "The Autumn Stone"

The band is one of the most seminal acts of the 60's, and this song arrived when the Small Faces had already disbanded and its members went to bigger (though not necessarily greater) things, such as Humble Pie and The Faces. This is one of their masterpieces and can be found on the posthumous album "The Autumn Stone".

2) The Kinks, "Autumn Almanac"

This song is one of the best Ray Davies has ever written, And this is quite something, considering Davies is widely regarded was one of the greatest British songwriters of the 20th Century. Davies is at his poetic best, and the melancholic melody is pure Autumn...

3) Joe Pass, "Autumn Leaves"

This timeless jazz classic got an unforgetable rendition by one of the greatest jazz guitarists ever, Joe Pass. His technique is quite extraordinary, and not one single note is wasted. You can hear each string he plucks, and each note hits you with a power most guitarists equipped with a 100w stack could only dream off! It's all in the fingers...and this song is perfect for a walk in the park.

4) The Vines, "Autumn Shade"

This is one of the songs that made many rock fans consider The Vines as serious contenders to the throne of Nirvana, as one of the greatest rock bands in the world, before drugs, junk food and mental illness took their toll and the band lost momentum. Better remembered for their chaotic and destructive live gigs, "Autumn Shade" shows a more contemplative side of the band, with a Beatles-y melody and great, simple guitar solo.

5) Paolo Nutini, "Autumn"

Once again proving the inspiring powers of Autumn, this song is one of the best things pop hearthrob Paolo Nutini ever did, and Chris Martin must be hating himself for not having wriiten it for Coldplay first...


6) Yo La Tengo, "Autumn Sweater"

This American Alt-Rock band from New Jersey have been releasing great albums since 1984, and altough they've never reached a mainstream audience - unlike some peers such as Sonic Youth - they have a strong fanbase and achieved much critical acclaim. When you hear this brilliant, evocative Autumn song, you'll understand why!

7) Edgar Winter Group, "Autumn"

Though not as well-known as the group's biggest hit "Frankenstein", this song represents one of their finest moments. 70's Classic Rock ballad to listen to at home and chill...perfect for an Autumn afternoon.

8) The White Stripes, "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground"

Well...a reminder that Autumn doesn't have to be all doom and gloom and melancholic! This is one of the best and most powerful singles the White Stripes have released. Maybe the Autumn ain't that bad, after all...it can't be Summer all the time!

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