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The Pocketrak family expands

Published: Tue September 23, 2008  News Feed

The miniscule POCKETRAK 2G has, quite simply, revolutionized the way we record. It’s the smallest, most portable recorder in its class and easily beats the larger products from other manufacturers with its extra-ordinary 18 hours of battery life from a single USB-charge. (That’s over 4 times its nearest competitor!) Don’t be fooled by its small chassis – the hand-held POCKETRAK 2G records at CD quality and sports a pair of amazing omni directional microphones which are perfect for capturing any sounds around you from band rehearsals, lectures or other audio evidence.

If you want to hear more about POCKETRAK 2G then you can check out some audio examples in Yamaha's latest podcast, the Yamaha Download, available through itunes.

The hot news for September 08 though is that little Pocketrak 2G has a new ‘bigger brother’... POCKETRAK CX.

Developed around the same fundamental concept as POCKETRAK 2G, the new CX is also a high quality, solid-state portable audio recorder with USB integration to your computer. The new CX though has some extra features for even higher quality audio recording….

High quality X-Y microphones

At the ‘head’ of the CX you can clearly see the very special X-Y microphone configuration. This built-in X-Y stereo microphone assembly includes two directional microphones mounted at a 90° angle to each other. While providing extremely wide coverage, this system delivers astonishingly natural stereo imaging with smooth, uniform response from full left to full right, without the level variations and phase anomalies that plague common stereo microphones. The microphones themselves are constructed of parts and materials that were carefully selected to deliver optimal recording precision and clarity without compromise. To further maximize the microphone assembly’s performance it is mounted outside the POCKETRACK CX casing in a solid shock-resistant die-cast aluminium frame.

Stunning Sound

The POCKETRAK CX is capable of recording in uncompressed linear PCM (WAV) format at up to 48kHz providing sound quality that is better than audio CDs, as well as in compressed MP3 format. Two linear PCM modes are provided, corresponding to audio CD and DVD quality sound. MP3 quality is the best choice for extended recording times, but at the best quality setting (44.1 kHz, 320 kbps) Pocketrak CX delivers outstanding sound quality with full frequency response up to 20,000 Hz.

High Capacity microSD Memory Cards

The POCKETRAK CX stores audio data on a convenient microSD memory card that contributes both to high storage capacity and the unit’s compact, lightweight form. A 2 GB microSD card is supplied, and with it you can record up to 3 hours of top-quality audio in 44.1 kHz linear PCM format, or up to 35 hours of stereo MP3 audio at 128 kbps. The POCKETRAK CX complies with the standard microSD cards specifications, so you can use compatible cards with higher capacity for extra audio capacity if needed.

Extended Recording and Playback Time

Advanced LSI technology that achieves top-class sonic quality as well as low power consumption means you get unprecedented extended recording and playback performance in a compact package that weights only 92 grams, including battery. Using the most accurate linear PCM recording mode you can record continuously for up 21 hours and 30 minutes on a single battery charge. If stereo MP3 recording suits your needs you can record for up to 44 hours.* The corresponding continuous playback times are 24 hours 30 minutes, and 54 hours, respectively.

The POCKETRAK CX cones with an environment-friendly rechargeable Eneloop battery that is charged automatically whenever the unit is connected to your computer via the supplied USB cable.

* Maximum size for a single audio file is 2 GB.

The new POCKETRAK CX is available from Yamaha Music Production retailers from the end of September 2008 and, just like its little bother, POCKETRAK 2G, the CX comes with the powerful Cubase AI4 audio / MIDI sequencing software for Mac and Windows-based computers allowing you to seamlessly complete the audio chain.

POCKETRAK ‘s are the type of audio gadget that you never knew you needed… until you got one.

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