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The Top 100 Music Related Blogs

Published: Thu August 14, 2008  News Feed

The Top 100 Music Related Blogs ranking was compiled by calculating their popularity using the well known metrics of Alexa Ranking for each site.

This is a first draft and we welcome you feedback... media@dolphinmusic.co.uk

Rank Blog Site   Alexa Traffic Rank About
1 Listening Post   609 Wired.com's music blog.
2 All Music   1623 The most comprehensive music reference source on the planet
3 Hear Comes the Flood   3087 this is a blog about music. Real music. Live music. Its about guitars, king size keyboards, grumbling bass lines and pounding drums. Its about violins and violas. Its about left-field. Its about art.
4 Blob Musica   7410
5 Stereogum.com   10,228 blog devoted exclusively to music
6 ALis Blog   24,256
7 Music Videos and Lyrics - Music Lovers Group   46,855 A site dedicated entirely to music. Albums and video downloads, latest hits, music news, celebrities and other cool stuff, share music and download free mp3s. Join us building the biggest music community on the internet !
8 Unreality Music   48,318 We’re a music blog dedicated to sharing music news with the world, served up with a healthy dose of snark and cynicism. You’ll also find our opinions on the latest releases, and we love to cover unsigned/emerging bands that you may never have heard of.
9 Metal Underground.com   48,762 With a mission to help readers discover new metal music, MetalUnderground.com has been faithfully serving mainstream and underground metal news for over seven years. In addition to comprehensive news coverage, the site also features reviews, interviews, band info, live concert reports, photos, and more, updated daily by a dedicated staff of die-hard metalheads.
10 Pop Justice   52,337 Popjustice is also a weekly London club night, a range of illustrated pop biographies, a compilation album, a mobile service, a weekly email and a regular London live showcase night.
11 Justin Guitar .com   54,467 Quality guitar lessons for everyone with access to the internet!
12 Large Hearted Boy   68,698 Largehearted Boy is a music blog featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, literature, and pop culture.
13 Gorilla Vs Bear   68,874
14 Metal Music Blog   69,054 Blog that introduces bands that play music, free downloads available.
15 Day trotter   71,228 Daytrotter is attempting to do to give you something that you truly have never heard.
16 RitmoBlog   83,419 Blog de Musica, videos musicales, salsa, reggaeton, musica para descargar, biografias, conciertos, nticias, fotos, cantantes, dance, pop, historias secretas, letras de canciones, etc
17 Loronix   95,773 Loronix is all about Brazilian music from the 50s to 70s, Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB, Samba Jazz and everything you should know about the Music from Brazil
18 Chromes Waves   139,568 Named one of "100 Greatest Websites and Named "Top 5 Music Blog for 2005" by eye magazine
19 Nialler9   161,870 Nialler9 is an Irish music/mp3 blog which posts MP3s of new, sometimes overlooked but always brilliant music.
20 Culture Bully   163,716 Culture Bully is a Minneapolis-based music blog that provides daily updates including news, band features, album reviews and interviews on both national and local levels.
21 TheModernMusic.com   176,017 This blog is based on amazing moments from stunning music samples. When a reader smiles because of a song we present, it means we all smile! Not only does MM spread the word on music, it also is reminds one of the power of love within everything.
22 Odd Music   191,157 Oddmusic provides a space where instrument makers, artists and musicians can showcase their inventions and creations, as well as links to other interesting sound and music sites that offer a wealth of information and sound oriented content.
23 Redthreat   224,007 redthreat is a music blog out of chicago. all music featured on this site is up for promotional purposes only.
24 The Odd Instrument Collection   228,232 Odd instruments, music, and sounds from around the world.
25 Each Note Secure   233,329 Each Note Secure is a music blog with the best in indie rock and other genres. Daily downloads, and lots of interviews, album reviews and concert reviews.
26 the9513countrymusic   250,567 The 9513 is the web’s premiere country music blog, and a go-to resource for thousands of readers in search of the latest country music news and reviews.
27 Said the gramophone   252,858 daily sampler of really good songs.
28 Ryans Smashing Life   268,263 A New England Indie Rock mp3 weblog that has a tendency to inform and intrigue. I cover shows, write music reviews, do interviews and share fun videos, feeds and offer quick comebacks.
29 The Cat bird seat   269,242 The Catbirdseat is a freeform weblog about music, subject to the whims and idiosyncrasies of Ryan Catbird since May 2002.
30 Between Thought and Expression   298,011 An eclectic guide to lifes musical journey. Features free music downloads, indie and electronic mp3s, mash-ups, and entertainment.
31 CANZONI ITALIANE - ITALIAN SONGS   313,828 Best Italian music videos; songs from Yesterday, Today, Pop, Classic, Rock, Lyrics, Opera, Dance, Traditional, progressive, SanRemo, Italian Tv Shows, all Best Singers; Neapolitan Music; History and Culture from Italy.
32 Rawk Blog   319,008 The Rawking Refuses To Stop! is an mp3 blog that kicks out the jams daily.
33 No Rock and Roll Fun   330,681
34 IG blog   346,239 IG BLOG is a place of inspiration, ideas, and learning for anyone interested in making music with guitar.
35 Music is Art   350,615 musicisart is authors own personal reflection of the way she feels music, art and words.
36 Muzzle of Bees   359,774
37 Souled On   382,521
38 The Late Greats   404,293 The goal here is to expose you to music not usually found anywhere else in the Blogsphere.
39 Guitar Flame   408,447 GuitarFlame.com is a blog about personal musical experiences, my vision of rock music, of electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Also GuitarFlame.com is about how to play the guitar, without being a guitar tutorial website.
40 Guitar Noize   414,157 Guitar news from the furthest corners of the world. GuitarNoize is the number 1 resource for crazy and cool guitar news.
41 Indieblogheaven   418,824 Indieblogheaven is a music blog, primarily focusing on indie bands/artists. This may include some americana, pop, punk, or whatever we might like at the time. There might be some pop culture sprinkled in periodically.
42 The Guitar Bass Man   420,335 I am a definite gear-head and I started this blog with the intention of ranting, raving or just mentioning my experiences with all sorts of music, albums and gear ranging from effects pedals to guitar picks, to whatever else I feel like talking about.
43 Disco Delicious   452,230 All the music here is shared for promotional reasons only.
44 Guitarebooks   458,238 News about Guitar
45 Analog giant   463,665 on music (hip hop mainly, electronic, jazz, blends, dub and R&B) and sometimes culture and politics.
46 17 dots   470,487 17dots is the work of several employees at eMusic. Its by no means an official endeavor, and its opinions dont reflect those of eMusic. Rather, its opinions reflect the dangers of what happens when ignorance meets ineptitude in the Information Age
47 Musicnewsculture (previously named as Hearing Test)   484,072 A music news and reviews blog that focuses on noncommercial artists.
48 Silence is a rhythm too   518,794 An eclectic audioblog documenting one guys music collection and related obsessions.
49 sonic itch music   561,588 its a music website
50 Music Snobbery   565,838
51 70s Classic Rock   579,097 A blog to celebrate the musical influences of the 70s. Classic, Southern and British Rock styles equally. Come and take a trip back in time. Be sure to check out the "Classic Players" for take-with-you music.
52 Retro Music Snob   606,899 We gather the best music news, mp3s, cover songs, and classic videos. Old School meets New School.
53 Nothing But Green Lights   705,330 Nothing But Green Lights is a U.K based music, mp3 & culture blog. Showcasing the very best in lo-fi, hi-fi, indie, folk, electric & eclectic music with a focus on UK artists. The music is interspersed with enlightening links & comment.
54 Pop Songs   733,987 The goal of this blog is very simple: I am going to write a post about every song on every R.E.M. album, plus most of their major non-album tracks.
55 Mad Stratter   753,989 Stratocaster news, set-up, maintenance, and hot-rodding, guitarist gear reviews and more.
56 Earfuzz   804,206 Ear Fuzz is a venue for music appreciation. Files are shared out of love and respect, and is only meant to help expose and promote the featured artists.
57 La Onda Tropical   855,667 an mp3 blog about good latin music.
58 Jessica Duchens Classical Music blog   858,536 # Music and writing, with ginger, in London, UK "It is very rarely that I find a new writer whose work I love so much." Katie Fforde on Hungarian Dances # "Everything she writes is worth reading" - The Times # "A persuasive novelist" - Evening Standard
59 Ukulele   874,052
60 A Deeper shade of soul   874,159 Soul man and music man; Ive loved, written about and been involved in the creation of music for a long time now...and my love grows stronger every day
61 Zoilus   885,746
62 Floodwatch music   1,133,135 Floodwatchmusic is my self-aggrandizing audioblog, although I try my best to adhere to the listen-to-how-great-this-is concept rather than adopting a look-how-much-I-know stance. I eat, sleep, live, and breathe music, and I enjoy sharing it.
63 Feed Me Good Tunes   1,195,159
64 Sweeping The Nation   1,297,133 About music. In a satirical style. With comment on the music news of the day, mentions of new and old songs, live and recorded reviews, audience participation, plus here a singles chart review on Sunday evenings.
65 GuitarPlayerZen   1,311,943 Our mission is not just to help guitar players worldwide get better at what they do. It is also to inspire, encourage, and uplift each guitarist we interact with, even if it is just through our online community. To instill inside each one that anything is possible.
66 The Music.FM   1,329,068 Not provided
67 AM, Then FM   1,341,637 encourage you to get out to the music stores, real or virtual, or out to support live music.
68 Shake your Fist   1,356,752 Amy blogs about music
69 Laylas Classic Rock Faves   1,396,275 Classic Rock - the foundation of todays music. Its a passion of mine and I like to share my favorites bands, artists and photos with you!
70 The cigar box guitar   1,408,240 This website has been created to give the cigar box guitar a home in music history. Everything is presented magazine-style with articles, pictures, sidebars and factual snippets. Theres a whole lotta things to click and many pages to see!
71 The Music Slut   1,642,013 Not provided
72 Banana Nutrament   1,925,193
73 Music Liberation   1,926,971 Music Liberation has wide ranging tastes from Rock, Electro, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, etc etc...basically anything thats done with the right intent and sounds good!
74 Sounds and Fury   2,239,794 Commentary on classical music, opera, architecture, theater, television, cinema, culture, and the arts
75 Rock House Blog   2,288,058 Information about Rock House, Rock House Artist and Leanring to Play Music!
76 Musical Perceptions   2,315,309 Perceptions about music, perceptions that affect music, perceptions colored by music, perceptions expressed by music.
77 Guitar toy box   2,510,845
78 Headphones On   2,519,784 Friedrich Nietsche once said that life without music would be a mistake. Truer words may never have been spoken. I live my life with, for and to music. In fact, you could say that I go through life with my headphones on.
79 75orLess Records and Music   2,550,819 electronic, hip-hop, indie, folk, punk, disco, pop, cock rock, math rock, brit pop, nu gaze, blues, garage, country, new new wave, rockabilly, idm, crust, techno, grindcore and all other music
80 Soho the Dog   2,689,438 Classical music and other entertainments.
81 Deceptively Simple   2,865,524 Music and culture from Marc Geelhoed in Chicago.
83 My hmphs   3,069,434 Searching for melody and meaning in today’s atonal hip-hop world. Showcase some real music (80s)
84 Imagine Echoes   3,847,411 Not provided
85 Tricky Disco   3,924,025 Tricky Disco are Bristols Balearic disco crew. Sell By Dave, Tricky Nicky, Christophe and Legendary Tone are all DJs with a passion for the good groove. They are also dance music nerds, specialising in disco, house, techno, electro, and, of course, balearica. Occasionally they put on parties. Most of the time they just DJ at other peoples parties, go out, get drunk and talk a lot about obscure records. Let the good times roll…
86 The Grizzly Life   4,004,755
87 Bloggerhythms   4,023,013 Bloggerhythms grew out of my love of popular music and features CD reviews, concert reviews, and articles of general interest on a wide range of musical topics.
88 Eric Vandenberg Blog   4,147,965 Random thoughts, mini-lessons about everything guitar-related
89 Feast of Music   4,240,026 coverage of the New York music of 21st Century.
90 A Monks Musical Musings   4,590,624 A Semi-Hemi-Demi-Semi-Erudite Music Theory and Guitar Blog
91 Jeff Consi   4,931,464 A blog by Jeff Consi a New York drummer who currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Jeff is most known for his work with guitarist Nuno Bettencourt from the multi-platinum selling band Extreme.
92 The Ones That Got Away   4,979,221 Every guitarist has that one special guitar that they wished they had back. It might be because it was a sentimental gift, maybe it was sold to pay the bills, or maybe you just didnt realize how much you loved that guitar until it was gone. These are the stories of the ones that got away. Most of them are my own stories, but send me your stories as well and they just might get published here.
93 Soul Amp   5,000,950 Pure Rock and Roll from a Milwaukee Jam Band. Eclectic range of music with touches of alt-country. Approx. each week a new tune is released in a blog post. Three piece band with Fender electric guitar, vintage Lugwig drums, Hammond B3 and M3, piano, Nord Electro, and Nord Lead. Over 100 free mp3s
94 The Aluminium T-beam Guitar   5,196,327 Here, I describe the concept of the aluminium T-beam guitar. I intend to post regularly as the design and building of the prototype progresses.
95 Sounds like now   5,300,886 A blog by saxophonist
96 Music for listeners   5,579,990 New music that no one has heard, and older music that everyone should hear. Music that can only be heard if youre listening…
97 GuitArticles   7,237,183 GuitArticles is a resource for guitarists of all skill levels and musical preferences. Tips, advice on practicing, scales, modes, techniques, chords, tricks and even advice on how to get the best out of your playing, as well as composing.
98 Renewable Music   9,045,049 A displaced American composer writes about music made for the long while & the world around that music. New, experimental, systematic, classicist, mannerist, minimal, political. New musical materials.
99 The Six Strings   9,170,069
100 Scotts Guitar Blog   10,935,758 Interesting articles on custom guitars, guitar repair, and guitar related themes!
101 Of Music and Men   13,811,730
102 Felsen Musick   14,280,344 The Web Log of a Certain Daniel Felsenfeld: Composer, critic, avid reader, aspiring bon vivant, capricorn, shadowy figure, advice for the lovelorn
103 Guitritus  


Guitritus is the guitar blog of Nick - an uncomplicated guitarist from Buckinghamshire, England. It documents the licks, tricks, riffs and twiddly bits that he dislodges during his slow ascent up the gnarley north face of Mt. Guitar.
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