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Top 5 Recording Accessories

Published: Mon June 16, 2008  News Feed

Ok. So you have your portable multitrack and some good microphone(s)...but what else do you need to make great recordings? Here's our top recommendations.

1) Microphone Pop Shield

This ingenuous device could be easily ignored by some home-musicians, but it's far from a luxury - most professional recordings you've ever heard are certain to have used one! This is an essential studio tool when recording vocals, and best of all - very affordable! A Pop Shield eliminates the 'pop' you get when singing p's and ss's, by absorbing the louder 'pop' sound created by these consonants. Dolphin has a good selection of pop shields, of which the sE Electronics model is one of the best.

2) Reflexion Filter

If your house is - like most people's - not big enough to fit a vocal booth...that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one! A reflexion filter works exactly like a booth - it isolates the vocals from other ambient/ background noises and prevents un-wanted sound reflection on the walls,  reducing the amount of room ambience picked up by a microphone during recording. It also helps in isolating the mic from other sound in the room, such as the noise from computer fans or spill from other performers. If you don't do recordings in a purpose-built recording studio, a reflection filter is a must if you want to achieve the best possible sound when recording vocals! The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter is a great choice.

3) Shock Mount

A Shock mount is a particular type of microphone mount in which the microphone is suspended by elastic, and so is partially isolated from vibrations that might be transmitted to the microphone through the mic stand, causing unwanted sounds to be added to the output signal. Shock Mounts are another quite essential piece of studio equipment, and Dolphin Music offers a wide selection of Shock Mounts, that fit a variety of different mics.

4) Headphones

An absolute must, either for singers to best listen to themselves when doing their vocals (also avoiding sound leaking into their microphones) and for sound engineers looking for the ultimate detail in their mixes. Open headphones offer optimum soundstage image with perfect audio realism are ideal for mixing, while Closed ones are more often used by singers/ musicians. The Beyer-Dynamic DT100 is the worldwide standard in recording studios, and 9 out of 10 times, when you see a photo of some famous artist in the studio, that's the one they'll be using. The DT-100 is not particularly expensive, considering its quality and reputation, but if you're looking for something more affordable, the Sennheiser HD201 is a great choice. View more Studio Headphones here.

5) Monitors

Recording engineers and music producers rely on good reference monitors to insure that their mixes are accurate, and so should you! Whether recording on your computer or on a multitrack, you'll need reliable monitors to make sure you'll make good mixes of your recordings. The affordable Edirol MA-7A are very popular, always receiving very positive reviews. You can find them here at Dolphin Music, as well as many more models that suit all budgets and monitoring needs.

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