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Top 5 Essential Guitar Accessories

Published: Thu June 12, 2008  News Feed

Every guitarist should be well-prepared at gigs, recording sessions or practices, and here's a list of all the best and most essential guitar accessories you shouldn't be without.

Get Ernie Ball strings - best choice for any guitar!

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Why essential? Guitar Strings are obviously essential, and most guitarists will of course need all 6 strings!

So, in case one breaks, it'd be very helpful to have a set of spare strings.

The Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky (gauge 46-10) is very popular and a good all-rounder for players of all levels and styles. Beginners might prefer lighter gauges, and heavier gauges are perfect for heavier meatier tones.

Check Guitar Strings at Dolphin

Unsure of what guitar strings you need? Let us help show you the difference between all our guitar strings!

Tuners such as the Korg PitchHawk Clip-On are essential. 

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Why essential? It's essential for any guitarist (well, one would hope...) to keep in tune, so a tuner is a must. And Dolphin Music offers a wide range of them - view guitar tuners here.  If you gig regularly, the best option is to get a Tuner Pedal, that you can have right in front of you in your pedalboard, with LED display that facilitates tuning in low-light situations.

The Boss TU-3 is one of the most widely used by famous guitarists, but we offer many other popular and excellent tuners, too. View Tuner Pedals.

Clip-on tuners such as the Korg PitchHawk-G Clip-on Tuner for instance, are affordable, reliable and very good choices, too.

Click below for a basic, black guitar strap - always a popular choice!

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Why essential? Most guitarists will be playing their electric guitar while standing up, so a good, comfortable guitar strap is quite important...

You can choose between Leather/ Suede straps or Fabric sraps.

From simple, plain black guitar straps (the most popular)  to ones featuring outrageous and unconventional designs (such as the Evil Clown strap!) you'll find a great range of options here at Dolphin - get whichever you think fits best with your style and personality - and guitar, too!  


Get a good-quality, 10ft guitar lead, here's a popular option.

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Why essential? A good guitar lead is essential, and a guitarist should always have  a good supply of them: shorter leads for recordings, longer leads for gigs, patch leads for FX pedals, plus spare leads just in case. 

For instance, a 6m Lead  with angled jack (for the guitar end, to avoid accidental disconnection) is perfect for gigs, while a 3m guitar lead is all you need for recordings.

Have a look at our selection of Guitar Cables.



Black tolex hard-case - for the guitarist who takes good care of his guitar!

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Why essential? If you need to take your guitar out of your house, then you are advised to have a hard-case or, at the very least, a guitar gig bag, to always keep your instrument protected from accidental bashing and wheather conditions. 

The advantage of  gig bags is that they are cheaper, and easier to carry, as you can wear it like a rucksack or carry it like a bag. But serious gigging musicians are best advised opting for a guitar hard-case, as they are better suited for the life on the road, can be locked and offer better protection overall.

Guitar Stands are also very useful at home, in the studio or on stage, so make sure to get one!

Other accessories that may also interest you:

Mini Practice Amps

Image: VOX ToneLab EX Multi Effects Pedal

USB Interface

Guitar Picks




See the quality, affordable guitar packages we sell below from the likes of Squier and Stagg. Whether you're a beginner or pro, you can never be too short of a cable, set of strings or guitar case!

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