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Dolphin Music: The Official Jazz Mutant Stockist!

Published: Fri May 16, 2008  News Feed

We are now stocking Dexter and Lemur, the two innovative controllers by Jazz Mutant - as used by a some of the most creative artists in the world today: Daft Punk, Bjork, M.I.A., Justice, Hot Chip, Kraftwerk and others.

Those two Jazz Mutant creations have rapidly grown their reputation, and the fact they are used by some of the most creative and successful artists in electronic music today (view list) is enough proof that they are truly special.

JazzMutant's Lemur is an innovative input device to control computer real-time applications. It combines a distinctive industrial design, a brilliant modular graphic interface concept, and a unique and patented touchscreen technology that can track multiple fingers simultaneously.

Its major innovation consists in its brilliant modular graphic interface concept and its exclusive multitouch sensor technology. The continiously growing palette of configurable graphic objects enables you to design made-to-measure interfaces by using the free available JazzEditor. This endows the Lemur with the unique and protocol independant capacity to adapt its behavior according to the application you are controlling: sequencers, modular synthesizers, virtual instruments, VJ software, 3D animation tools and light control.

While the Lemur's modular concept aimed at maximum versatility and adaptability, Dexter is devoted to one unique master plan : bringing the power of Digital Audio Workstations to your fingertips, in a creative and user-friendly manner. For the first time, controlling DAWs feels natural instead of adding an intermediate level of complexity. In a word, Dexter amounts to what DAW users have been longing for years : a Controller. At last.


To help you make the decision, Jazz Mutant devised  the comparison chart below. But, in short: The Lemur is dedicated to anyone who's looking for maximum modularity and customization of their controlling experience. The Lemur can adapt to all kinds of applications, from live Djing software to light control and interactive media arts.

Dexter is a dedicated solution for studio professionals looking for a complete and easy way to get access to all features of their Digital Audio Workstations. Dexter provides in a minimal form factor functionalities only expected from large bulky desks, and introduce novel ways to get in touch with your DAW.

lemur dexter

Form Factor A fully integrated laptop-sized controller
User interaction Patented 12'' fully multitouch display
Communication OSC protocol over Ethernet
Compatibility Any MIDI compliant or OSC compliant software or gear Supported Digital Audio Workstation software : Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar
User interfaces

Designed and assembled by the user in the JazzEditor software. Interfaces are created with sets of generic control objects : faders, switches, pads, 2D areas, etc

Fixed contextual user interfaces providing full integration with DAW software
User configuration User defines MIDI and OSC messages that are emitted and received by the control objects in Lemur interfaces. Up to eight different OSC targets, eight MIDI outputs and eight MIDI inputs can be set up No configuration needed. Dexter is automatically detected and recognized by supported DAW software, with no mapping to edit
Software integration Dependant on the user, who's responsible for the mapping of Lemur interfaces to desired functionalities. Level of integration is dependent on each piece of software's capabilities, such as MIDI Learn Direct access to full project state, updated in real-time : track names and status, inserts, bus sends, surround panning, EQ curve, etc. Relies on proprietary plugins that extend functionality of the target DAW to allow for Dexter support


JazzMutant introduces the Dual Mode capability for the world's most ground-breaking controllers.

JazzMutant's hands-on multi-touch controllers have revolutionized the way people interface with computers, putting stylish, futuristic and - more importantly - ultimate functional control into creative environments everywhere.

But which controller is right for you? The Lemur, that can be set up exactly to suit your needs, allowing for intuitive multi-touch control of instruments, effects, loops, live video, or anything else you need critical hands-on control of ? Or perhaps Dexter, that comes hardwired as the ultimate controller for your DAW ?

You can now get both on one single device : the Dual Mode capability lets any Lemur or Dexter run the two feature-sets on the same machine. Since Lemurs and Dexters are based on the exact same hardware, installing the Dual Mode capability allows you to select Lemur or Dexter functionality when booting up your controller, effectively doubling the potential for your JazzMutant hardware.

The Dual Mode capability is available as a download-only item from the User Area. Dexter owners can freely upgrade to Dual Mode, and access the entire range of customization offered by the Lemur. Lemur owners can decide at any time to acquire the entire Dexter feature set for 399 euros (including VAT for EU residents).



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