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New Gibson Explorer and Flying V Models!

Published: Fri March 28, 2008  News Feed


Flying V & Explorer-shaped guitars for sale


Gibson has several new Explorer and Flying V models...check them all out:

If after 50+ years of Flying V and Explorer guitars, you could think Gibson or guitarists worldwide had enough, but think again! Gibson has added several new models that still manage to look fresh and surprising...giving new twists to those classic guitars.

From left:

Gibson Commemorative Explorer - The retro-style, solid mahogany body of this Guitar of the Month for October 2008 is an angular and asymmetrical today as it was the first day it left Gibson's Kalamazoo plant in 1958. Added, however, is a AA figured maple top wit beveled edges, and a hotter-than-hell Brimstone Burst finish all exclusive features of this limited edition.

The headstock's unique Gibson logo was recently found in a warehouse, among some old drawings belonging to Gibson President Ted McCarty.

Gibson Commemorative V - a fitting tribute to one of the world s most recognizable guitars, and Gibson USA s Guitar of the Month for March 2008.

The 50-Year Commemorative Flying V combines several timeless elements of the 1958 model, with a few modern appointments for today s demanding players. The solid mahogany, V-shaped body has been topped with AA flamed maple and has beveled edges exclusive to this limited edition.

Gibson Shred X - The Shred-X Explorer is Gibson USA's Guitar of the Month for June 2008. The Gibson Explorer has long been a coveted workhorse guitar among the ranks of the world's finest hard rock and heavy metal players.

Now, the Shred-X Explorer takes it up a notch, with a one-piece mahogany body outfitted with black chrome hardware, and an Ebony finish.

A pair of EMG 85 pickups deliver the output needed for hard rock and metal, and a Kahler 2215K tremolo system ensures there will be no intonation or tuning issues when dive bombing chords and notes. The neck is also one-piece mahogany with Gibson's traditional '50s rounded profile, and ebony fingerboard with black acrylic dot fretboard inlays unique only to the Shred-X, and locking Grover tuners.

Gibson Shred V - Gibson USA's Shred-V Flying V the Guitar of the Month for August 2008 builds on the rich heritage of a legendary instrument. The Shred-V sets a powerful standard for Flying V performance.

Plug it in, and immediately hear why the Shred-V lives up to its name. Two EMG 85 pickups give the guitar a powerful, commanding voice, perfect for aggressive hard rock and metal, and a Kahler 2214K tremolo system allows stable tuning and dive bombs.

The Shred-V is outfitted with black chrome hardware, and an Ebony finish that captures every detail and sharp style of the classic Flying V. The neck is also one-piece mahogany with Gibson's traditional Flying V profile a hybrid between the standard '50s rounded contour and the '60s slim-taper profile and an ebony fingerboard with black acrylic dot inlays unique only to the Shred-V.

Gibson Reverse Explorer (Satin Antique Walnut) - The limited edition Reverse Explorer Gibson USA's Guitar of the Month for September 2008 is a guitar ready for the 21st century. Last year's Reverse Flying V triggered an unprecedented response from both players and collectors. Once again, the engineers at Gibson USA have flipped the body of one of their most iconic guitars, and the result is stunning.

The Reverse Explorer's one-piece mahogany body is now inverted so that the small horn is on the upper bass-side bout extending upward, while the larger horn is now positioned on the lower treble-side bout, pointing downward. Highlighting the unique body outline is a carbon fiber pickguard shaped like a lightning bolt, extending the entire length of the body.

The neck is a hybrid between Gibson's standard '50s rounded contour and its '60s slim-taper profile, topped by a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with carbon fiber inlays at the fifth and 12th fret.

The Reverse Explorer also sports the rare, art deco-style Gibson logo found among old drawings belonging to Gibson President Ted McCarty. The headstock is a McCarty era-inspired shape, equipped with Steinberger Gearless Tuners for unparalleled tuning accuracy. In the neck position is Gibson's '57 Classic with a '57 Classic Plus in the bridge.

Gibson Reverse Flying V Limited Edition - Gibson's original Flying V of 1958 was so far ahead of its time that even the first reissues, almost 10 years later, were only moderately successful. This reverse reissue takes the classic futuristic model to the next galaxy!

Outstanding features of this guitar include a single volume control, reverse V through-the-body tailpiece, reverse "V"-shaped headstock, gold hardware, and '57 Classic humbucker pickups.

Gibson The Holy V - Creativity has always been the backbone of ingenuity at Gibson USA, and the Holy-V Flying V Guitar of the Month, January 2009 is the latest example of Gibson's imaginative spirit.

The traditional features of the Flying V are apparent in the Holy-V - the mahogany V-shaped body, pointed headstock, and hybrid neck profile are all true to the original's design. Carefully carved vented openings in both the neck and headstock are a testament to Gibson's creative genius, giving the Holy-V a more intense look and character, while ending up as one of Gibson's lightest production guitars to date.

The Holy-V's neck topped by an ebony fingerboard with split diamond inlays and single-ply binding carries two additional frets, preserving the Flying V's traditional 24-inch scale length wile delivering an even higher register of notes to a guitar already famous for its exceptional lead-playing ability.

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