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Worldwide Rave Reviews of Robot Guitar Pour In!

Published: Tue December 11, 2007  News Feed

Unsurprisingly, the new Gibson Robot Guitar has already received some reviews from the worldwide press.

Robot Guitar

The Robot Guitar has just been made available to the public las week. Some lucky musicians are just making it home with their brand new Robot, unlatching that silver case for the first time, while others are still waiting in line for the chance to purchase one.

Following a wave of anticipation the likes of which the guitar world has never seen before, the first-ever guitar with robotic technology is a smash hit with musicians who want to eliminate the tedious tuning process. The Robot Guitar’s self-tuning technology automatically and quickly tunes the guitar, allows musicians to switch effortlessly between multiple tunings, and guides an intonation process that was—until now—lengthy and pricey. The Robot Guitar, retaining the iconic form and craftsmanship of Gibson’s legendary Les Paul, has completely redefined what you can do with a guitar.

Already the Robot Guitar is garnering worldwide rave reviews in the press, in some of the world's most reputable publications and on top news sites. 

Have a look for yourself:

Newsweek: “The Robot Guitar is nothing short of magic… It takes all of 10 seconds for the Robot Guitar to do its thing—and blow your mind as it hasn’t been blown since the first time you heard ‘Eruption.’”

AOL: “This particular color was designed specifically for the Robot Guitar and is sadly not available on any other instrument from Gibson, but we hope this changes soon. Most importantly, this ax maintains that classic Les Paul tone—thick, buttery, and smooth. In fact, it sounds so good, it almost feels like cheating. Even a novice can sound like Jimmy Page with a Les Paul strapped on.”

Forbes: “Legendary guitar-maker Gibson has taken on the challenge of making a user-friendly instrument that tunes itself, known as the Robot Guitar. The famous Gibson Les Paul design is intact, and apparently sounds the same as always, but with the twist of a peg and a few strums the Robot Guitar comes to life and tunes itself. Tunings are pre-set, meaning that guitarists can switch from Metallica to Joni Mitchell without spending an hour fiddling with the strings.”

Popular Mechanics: “In the eight decades since the birth of the electric guitar, the tuning mechanism has been left largely untouched—players still must carefully turn each peg to achieve the right pitch. Tedious? Absolutely. But what’s worse is that it doesn’t even work that well. Factors like heat and stretched strings make staying in tune nearly impossible. The Gibson Robot Guitar ($2,499) puts an end to the manual peg-twisting—it uses microprocessors and motors to automatically tune the strings in seconds.”

Associated Press: "Musician Ichiro Tanaka, who tuned and played a sample guitar at Gibson's Tokyo office Monday, said the technology is handy for professionals too. If they use special tuning for just part of a concert, as he often does, it means they don't have to lug around an extra guitar with the second tuning ready. 'It's more than just convenience,' said Tanaka, of Japan. 'It's a feature I really appreciate.'"

The Washington Times: “Waylon Jennings once sang of ‘old guitars that just won't stay in tune.’ Too bad the Nashville rebel didn't live long enough to behold new guitars that tune themselves.”

The Guardian: “As any amateur knows, learning to tune a guitar can seem as tricky and time-consuming as learning to play like Eric Clapton. Now guitar manufacturers Gibson are removing that hurdle by launching the world's first self-tuning instrument.”

New York Post: "Playing Gibson's innovative new ax may not be as easy as pounding the buttons of a Guitar Hero controller, but tuning it certainly is."

[originally Ellen Mallernee | 12.07.2007, Gibson.com]

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