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Jazzmutant announces Dual Mode capability for Lemur and Dexter

Published: Wed December 05, 2007  News Feed

Jazzmutant announced Dual Mode capability for the world’s most ground-breaking controllers – now when you choose Dexter you get Lemur capability at no additional cost! Jazzmutant’s hands-on, multi-touch controllers have revolutionized the way we interface with our computers, putting stylish, futuristic and – most importantly – ultimate functional control into creative environments everywhere.

But which controller is right for you? The Lemur, perhaps, that can be set up exactly to suit your needs, allowing for intuitive multi-touch control of instrument and effect parameters, mixer channels or anything else you need critical handson control of?

Or perhaps Dexter is for you, hard-wired as the ultimate controller for your DAW? Now you don’t have to choose between them – Jazzmutant are now shipping Dexter with Lemur software included so you can have both, and all for the price of a single Dexter unit.

And for existing users Jazzmutant have developed a firmware update that, once downloaded from their website, allows you to select Lemur or Dexter functionality when booting up your controller, effectively doubling the potential for your Jazzmutant hardware. The firmware update is available now for download from the Jazzmutant website, enabling you to run both Lemur and Dexter on one machine.

The upgrade will be free to all Dexter users. Lemur users will be able to upgrade to dual-boot for just 390 euros (£281.50)

The Dual Mode capability is available as a download-only item from the User Area. Dexter owners can freely upgrade to Dual Mode, and access the entire range of customization offered by the Lemur. Lemur owners can decide at any time to acquire the entire Dexter feature set


The Lemur is dedicated to anyone who's looking for maximum modularity and customization of their controlling experience. The Lemur can adapt to all kinds of applications, from live Djing software to light control and interactive media arts.

Dexter is a dedicated solution for studio professionals looking for a complete and easy way to get access to all features of their Digital Audio Workstations. Dexter provides in a minimal form factor functionalities only expected from large bulky desks, and introduce novel ways to get in touch with your DAW.

    lemur   dexter
Form Factor   A fully integrated laptop-sized controller
User interaction   Patented 12'' fully multitouch display
Communication   OSC protocol over Ethernet
Compatibility   Any MIDI compliant or OSC compliant software or gear   Supported Digital Audio Workstation software : Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar
User interfaces  

Designed and assembled by the user in the JazzEditor software. Interfaces are created with sets of generic control objects : faders, switches, pads, 2D areas, etc

  Fixed contextual user interfaces providing full integration with DAW software
User configuration   User defines MIDI and OSC messages that are emitted and received by the control objects in Lemur interfaces. Up to eight different OSC targets, eight MIDI outputs and eight MIDI inputs can be set up   No configuration needed. Dexter is automatically detected and recognized by supported DAW software, with no mapping to edit
Software integration   Dependant on the user, who's responsible for the mapping of Lemur interfaces to desired functionalities. Level of integration is dependent on each piece of software's capabilities, such as MIDI Learn   Direct access to full project state, updated in real-time : track names and status, inserts, bus sends, surround panning, EQ curve, etc. Relies on proprietary plugins that extend functionality of the target DAW to allow for Dexter support



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