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Liquid Mix Helps Top Studio Travel Through Time…

Published: Thu September 27, 2007  News Feed

When you have to create totally authentic music from the 60s, 70s and 80s right up to the present day, Nimrod Productions rely on Focusrite’s Liquid Mix, the box of tricks that can do it all – and then some!

The world of video games is big business. But it’s not just state of the art visuals that draw the punters in – you also need a first class soundtrack to fully enhance that immersive experience.

Which is why the first choice for many developers is Nimrod Productions, the Oxfordshire-based company who specialize in soundtracks for the video games industry. With big budget projects that include such award-winning classics as ‘24’ The Game, Reservoir Dogs, Gran Turismo and Driver 2 & 3, Nimrod have seen their soundtracks shifted on over 50 million units worldwide.

When it comes to producing authentic tracks for their clients, resident producer and Nimrod co-founder Rich Aitken needs to be sure that he’s staying true to the Nimrod ethos – to produce great music. To help him reach that goal Rich makes sure he gets the best people in the business onboard for each project – but he also uses the best equipment for the job.

“I’m using Focusrite’s Liquid Mix a great deal. In fact it’s pretty much on every mix I do – and believe me, I do a lot! Sometimes you want a plug-in that behaves just like the real deal, so I choose Liquid Mix when I need to faithfully represent some classic outboard – an 1176 or an LA2A, an API… I have a few of these pieces in the studio, but just not ten of them!”

"A product like Liquid Mix enables me to provide mixes of varying sonic characteristics such that they can sound like different tracks from not only very different studios, but also different eras. In one project, for example, I had to mix about 20 tracks that had to sound like they were recorded in 1978. Some of them I did through my Neve – it is of that vintage after all – but often I needed particular pieces that I just didn’t have. In the same project I also had to provide modern ‘SSL-style’ mixes that had real punch. And for both types of sound the mixes had to sound real – and that’s where Liquid Mix comes in.”

”I like to experiment with sound design – and this is another area where Liquid Mix really works, like the mix and match of EQ types. Quite often I’ll use the top end of a modern valve EQ combined with the bottom of some old vintage piece. It’s great fun and not something I’d thought about until it was presented to me!”

But to see just how accurately those Liquid Mix emulations really are, Rich has even taken matters into his own hands and let the maths decide. “I’ve experimented with running the same settings on a well known valve EQ I own and also on the Liquid Mix version. I’ve then flipped the polarity of one against another and bingo – pretty much near as damn it complete cancellation.Something must be happening right!”

”Liquid Mix is about the music. Yes, there are other products in the market, but Liquid Mix fits our requirements. I’m completely convinced by convolution – especially at this price point!”

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