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Vintage Advance Series Guitars: Evolution Not Revolution.

Published: Tue July 17, 2007  News Feed

advance verb 1. To cause to move forward 2. To make progress; improve.

“Designing the Vintage Advance Series was a true ‘labour of love’, confirming our commitment to bringing you the best guitars at any price. I hope you have as much enjoyment playing them as we did creating them. Vintage Advance Series is just the start... stay tuned!” Trev Wilkinson

Vintage Advance Series creates a new benchmark for standards of quality, specification, playability, and desirability. These unique new designs were produced in the studios of internationally renowned Guitar Guru, Trev Wilkinson.

Vintage Advance Series has deliberately avoided radical guitar designs, rather taking a ‘tried and trusted’, evolutionary approach, resulting in instruments of a ‘boutique’ nature, with features usually only found on high price custom shop guitars.

Infused with a gentle, empathetic, interpretation of the legendary, classic electric guitar shapes, the ethic which determines the design characteristics of the new Vintage Advance Series, has produced styles with traditional echoes, and a totally contemporary ‘vibe’.

Vintage Advance Series guitars are designed and crafted to offer something out of the ordinary for the discerning individual, a step up, something more in terms of look, sounds and playability, allowing you to express your individuality. Decades of knowledge and experience have been brought to bear on the new Vintage Advance Series designs resulting in unparalleled levels of performance, specification and tone.

Given a clean sheet, Trev Wilkinson has woven subtle ergonomic modifications, innovative electronic improvements and superb ‘hi-end feel’ into the Vintage Advance Series instruments, whilst producing styling that is comfortable in its familiarity, yet in its execution is strikingly fresh and elegant. Key enhancements include the unique 'high access' neck joints for unparalleled playability, Bubinga heel extensions for better coupling of the neck to body jointing on bolt-on neck models, exciting and unique electronic innovations, acoustic chambered bodies to add richness to the sound and increase overtones, all matched with top quality Wilkinson hardware, pickups and electronics, premium materials, and cosmetics which are very definitely De-Luxe.


Vintage Advance Series instruments offer the ideal combination of select tonewoods, including American Alder, Mahogany, Indian Rosewood, Hard Rock Maple to ensure you achieve that all too elusive ‘tone’, topped off with exotic woods and superb mirror finishes which look just gorgeous. By meticulously adapting onboard pickup switching and control systems, Trev Wilkinson has engineered the electronics inside Vintage Advance Series guitars to provide an amazing degree of versatility. Think of a tonal palette which includes being able to use a warm, fat-toned humbucking pickup sound which can then be gradually rolled back all the way to bright, cut-through single coil operation - and everything in between.

Now you’re beginning to understand just how much the range of Vintage Advance instruments actually has to offer. The Vintage Advance Series develops the ethos created with the Vintage Reissued, and Vintage Icon series that, rather than build down to a price, it is perfectly possible, with determination, to ‘build in’ originality, design excellence, consistency in manufacture, excellent features, superior playability and high specification.

Vintage Advance Series; Exclusive designs. Boutique image. A feast of tones. Vintage Advance plays right into your hands.

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