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DVD Guitar Tuition Becoming More Popular, Says Survey

Published: Thu June 28, 2007  News Feed

DVD guitar tuition is becoming increasingly more popular amongst new students, as a recent survey has revealed. Despite industry scepticism, DVD tuition is proving successful.

DVD guitar tuition has been seen, in the past,  as a cheaper and less effective alternative to one-on-one instruction for the budding guitarist. Without paying directly for the tutors time and benefiting from 'close' tuition and correction, it was felt that students would be left floundering hopelessly around the fretboard, struggling to recognise their errors and improve their technique.

But all that looks set to change, given the findings of a recent survey. To the surprise of tutors and industry commentators, DVD tuition is now considered a viable and affordable training method, suggesting that the more relaxed teaching style of the DVD medium affords stronger fundamental technique-building, and allows more significant progress in a shorter period.

Embracing modern DVD recording technology, guitar lessons on DVD are providing a versatile and flexible solution for those picking up the instrument for the first time, as well as coming in at a great deal cheaper than private tuition. This flexibility and affordability is proving popular amongst students young and old as an alternative to more traditional teaching methods.

Critics and sceptics of DVD guitar tuition used to find their arguments in the fact that there was no direct link between tutor and student, which meant it was more difficult for the student to learn guitar effectively. However, the survey has shown that through consistent practice with a DVD, students can learn the fundamentals to the same standard as with direct tuition. Given the emphasis placed on 'practice' during the learning process, feedback has shown that through working through DVD lessons several times each, one at a time, the student can gain a more rounded grasp of the instrument in a shorter period of time, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of how to play guitar.

With this revelation, the guitar tuition industry looks set to shift more towards embracing these modern technologies as a means of providing tuition and guidance to the next generation of budding guitar students. Prestigious guitar manufacturers such as Tanglewood already recommend DVD tuition as the way to go for new guitarists, reason why Starter Packs by Tanglewood and other brands now usually include tutorial DVDs as well. 

Of course, Dolphin Music recognizes this trend and that's why we offer a wide range of tutorial DVDs that will help guitarists of all levels to develop their skills.


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