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FabFilter Unleashed at Dolphin

Published: Mon June 04, 2007  News Feed

FabFilter Software Instruments was founded in 2002 by Frederik Slijkerman MSc and Floris Klinkert MSc, and is based in the center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

In their roles as professional musicians and studio engineers, Floris Klinkert and Frederik Slijkerman have always loved the sound of old analog gear but also kept up with new software synthesis developments. However, none of the available software instruments met their high quality standards.

Most software instrument companies just tried to emulate old analog gear, giving their plug-ins vintage-look interfaces, or just added tons of features like thousand-voice polyphony and crappy effects, using as many knobs and faders as possible, diverting you from the real issue: the sound.

Both also being professional software engineers, Frederik Slijkerman and Floris Klinkert decided to do things differently and create the software instruments they dreamed of, resulting in the release of FabFilter One in early 2004, and FabFilter Volcano and FabFilter Twin in 2005.

To accomplish their goals, a lot of effort has been put into developing highly advanced filter techniques, smart parameter interpolation methods and a superb digital oscillator. The highly optimized FabFilter plug-in design results in very little CPU requirements.

FabFilter strongly believes that musicians do not need more knobs, faders or options on their synthesizer or effect plug-ins: they need better sound quality. That is why FabFilter creates simple but powerful plug-ins, with a user-friendly interface and superb sound quality, for a reasonable price.

FabFilter will expand their range of plug-ins in the future, supporting both Mac OS X and Windows, providing the best possible sound quality and filter designs.

FabFilter One is a simple synthesizer plug-in with just one oscillator, but with perfectly fine-tuned controls and the best possible sound and filter quality.

FabFilter Volcano is a versatile filter effect plug-in with state-of-the-art filter technology and endless modulation and tweaking possibilities.

FabFilter Timeless is an ultra-flexible tape delay plug-in with time stretching, the best possible filters, and user-friendly drag-and-drop modulation.

FabFilter Simplon is a simple and easy to use filter plug-in with two high-quality multi-mode filters and an interactive filter display.

FabFilter Twin is a powerful synthesizer plug-in with the highest possible sound quality and an ultra-flexible drag-and-drop modulation system.

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