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Native Instruments Kore Update - Fantastic Offer!

Published: Fri June 01, 2007  News Feed

Anyone buying the Native Instruments ground-breaking KORE package will get a free update to the new Kore 2 software, which will be released late in the Summer, worth £329.99 (SRP). It means you will save £100!

KORE revolutionizes the way you produce and perform. Fusing sophisticated software with a highly advanced hardware controller, each component builds on the strengths of the other to form a single, versatile and powerful entity. KORE is the world’s first Universal Sound Platform and performance environment for studio producers and live musicians.

As a software instruments and effects host, KORE unites all your VST and Audio Units plug-ins into a single, uniform interface, giving you total control of your sounds with instant, hands-on access and a real analog feel.

As a plug-in, KORE can itself be loaded via VST, Audio Units, DXi or RTAS® into your sequencer, bringing a high degree of efficiency and simplicity to your production processes. In stand-alone the powerful live performance features come into their own, making KORE master of any stage.

Never before have musicians, sound designers and producers been able to take such a creative and musical approach to sound. Never before have they had such a powerful and intuitive sonic workstation at their fingertips. KORE is the new definition of sound.

Advantages Overview for the following 3 Disciplines:

Production and Composition

The powerful KoreSound® Browser allows you to find just the sounds you're looking for - instantly. Being able to operate all your 3rd party and Native Instruments plug-ins via one uniform interface adds a high degree of simplicity and efficiency to your processes.

KORE offers, amongst others, the following advantages for the composition and production of music:

  • Makes all your Audio Unit and VST plug-ins uniformly operable, without having to cope with different user interfaces (Use One Interface...)
  • Can be loaded as a plug-in in any sequencer that supports Audio Units, VST, DXi, RTAS®
  • Uniform operation concept delivers a considerably more efficient and intuitive workflow
  • Sounds can be found easily by using the KoreSound® Browser to search for their key characteristics
  • All plug-in parameters are easily and manually controllable using KORE's hardware controller
  • The bi-directional communication, touch sensitive knobs and high-resolution protocol deliver a uniquely analog feel
  • Hardware delivers virtually complete remote control of KORE
  • The KoreSound® format’s universal compatibility allow intricate instrument and effect set-ups to be transferred between different songs, sequencers and systems.

Sound Design

KORE's ground-breaking sound format - KoreSound® (.ksd) - opens up all new possibilities for sound design. Intricate combinations of multiple instruments and effects that have been chained and layered can be stored as a single KoreSound®, allowing it to be handled as though it were a single preset.

KORE offers, amongst others, the following advantages for the design and creation of new sounds:

  • Create completely new types of sound using ingenious combinations of different instruments and effects
  • Combine multiple effects, for instance REAKTOR 5, GUITAR RIG 2 and VOKATOR, to form creative new effect ‘units’
  • New sounds and settings can be saved as KoreSounds®: This comprehensive format includes information on KORE and plug-in parameter settings, keyboard mapping, controller assignments, mixer settings, sound attributes and descriptive meta data, embedded MIDI files and more.
  • Integrated software mixer with send, insert and group channels allows for detailed signal routing
  • 14 high-end effects already included
  • Mapping Editor facilitates the assignment of keyboard splits and velocity layers, allowing the quick and easy combination of different sounds
  • MIDI files can be embedded in KoreSounds and used to trigger specific sequences, such as controller movements, drum patterns, melodies or chords
  • Quick and intuitive control of all parameters via the KORE Hardware
  • Assignment of multiple parameters from one or more plug-in(s) to a single control element of the KORE hardware possible, allow for ingenious control set-ups
  • Intricate effect and instrument set-ups can be saved as a single entity and re-called in other instances
  • KoreSounds® can be used by other users on a different system or set-up, as long as KORE and the relevant plug-ins are also installed

Live Performance

KORE boasts a wide range of pioneering live performance features. The integrated mixer, performance presets and the clearly structured "Live View" all help bring the full power of your software instruments to the stage.

KORE offers, amongst others, the following advantages for performing live on stage, practising in a rehearsal room or just jamming at home:

  • All Audio Units and VST plug-ins are transformed into stage-ready instruments
  • Allows virtual instruments to be played live and also acts as a multi-effect host for processing live signals
  • Ingenious set-ups based on multiple instruments and effects can be created quickly and easily
  • Performance Presets allow for the seamless transition between different live set-ups: either manually or automatically on a specific beat, with or without pre-definable fades
  • Individual keyboard splits and velocity layers allow different instruments to be assigned to different areas of the keyboard
  • KORE hardware delivers manual control of all a plug-in’s parameters
  • The bi-directional communication, touch sensitive knobs and high-resolution protocol deliver a uniquely analog feel
  • Integrated software mixer with send, insert and group channels
  • 14 high-end effects already included, other Native Instruments or 3rd party AU/VST effects can also be used
  • KoreSounds® universal compatibility allow sounds to be moved between studio and stage computers and laptops
  • Advanced master keyboard functions, such as MIDI filters etc., turn any keyboard into a master keyboard
  • Clear and concise "Live View", ideal for stage use
  • Integrated audio and MIDI interface as well as dedicated inputs for additional controllers and pedals
  • Hardware delivers complete remote control of KORE

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