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Published: Mon January 29, 2007  News Feed

All the new products unveiled by Mackie earlier this year at NAMM 2007, in California, are available now from Dolphin Music.


The VLZ3 line of compact mixers is the next generation in their widely renowned VLZ series. With their significant performance and ergonomic enhancements, VLZ3 mixers herald Mackie's continued dominance in the compact mixer market.

"Mackie continues to redefine the compact mixer market with our VLZ3 series," said Mackie Recording Brand Manager James Woodburn. "We challenged our engineers to make our best-selling line of mixers even better — to achieve a higher standard than before — and they?ve succeeded. Our VLZ3 line improves on the legendary sound and performance of the VLZ Pro series, whilst retaining form and function that enables users to easily upgrade from previous models."

VLZ3 mixers feature the new studio-grade XDR™2 Extended Dynamic Range mic preamps, the next generation of the highly acclaimed XDR mic preamps found in VLZ Pro mixers. The XDR2 mic preamps boast a wider frequency range than their predecessors, including more detailed low end extension, with less noise, even at very high gain settings.

VLZ3 mixers incorporate numerous other enhancements as well. They have a wider dynamic range than previous VLZ mixers, including better low frequency response, with less than 0.0007 percent total harmonic distortion (THD) per channel. VLZ3 EQ controls now operate more independently of each other, offering additional creative control over the full frequency range. The ultra-clean summing bus offers improved headroom and the ability to mix hotter signals together without clipping, even in extreme real-world applications.

The VLZ 3 line of mixers includes the 16-channel 1604-VLZ3 mixer with 16 XDR2 mic preamps, the 16-channel 1642-VLZ3 with 10 XDR2 preamps, the 1402-VLZ3 14-channel mixer with 6 XDR2 mic preamps, and the 12-channel 1202-VLZ3, which has 4 XDR2 mic pres. All VLZ 3 mixers boast a built-in universal power supply, and are encased in a rugged steel chassis.



Available for the first time through authorized Mackie dealers in the second quarter of 2007, the TT System32 Digital Live Mixing System consists of the TT24 Digital Live Console, DS3232 Digital Snake, and the U100 Networking Card. These products are destined to propel the TT24 forward as the most progressive and complete professional digital mixing system in its class.

"We are extremely excited about the ongoing development of TT24 technology and to bringing even greater levels of professional performance and functionality to the mid-format digital mixer category," commented Mackie Brand Group Vice President John Boudreau. "TT System32 represents a giant step for Mackie. It's the first time anyone has offered a complete digital mixing package, and at a price you'd normally expect to spend for the console alone. The U100 Network Card, along with the DS3232 Digital Snake, represents the first implementation of our U-Net digital audio and control protocol. U-Net tapped into all of Loud's design and engineering resources to deliver the low-latency, high-bandwidth audio network that is used in the TT System32."  PRE-ORDER NOW!



Mackie's unique single-screen audio production software sets a new price-performance standard.  Tracktion 3 is the next generation of its Tracktion digital audio and MIDI production software. Tracktion 3 introduces more than 150 new features and improvements, while retaining the hallmark clutter-free, single-screen user interface that made previous versions of Tracktion a success. Tracktion 3 also continues to offer cross-platform compatibility, as well as full support for industry-standard plug-in, virtual instrument and video formats.

'Since its release, Tracktion has developed a large and loyal following of users, ranging from first-time recordists to professional composers and engineers. For Tracktion 3, we listened closely to user feedback and made significant enhancements to the core application, so it's now even faster and more powerful," said Mackie Recording Brand Manager James Woodburn. 'Further, in partnering with the industry's finest music software companies, we have developed the most comprehensive set of professional tools available at these price points. It's revolutionary."

Among the enhancements in Tracktion 3 are the addition of time stretching and pitch shifting, two powerful capabilities that round out the functionality of the audio production suite and bring it in line with more expensive pro recording software. Tracktion 3 also boasts a new user-friendly loop browser for quick and inspired music creation. Unlike many competing products, the Tracktion 3 loop browser supports three major loop formats — Apple, ACID and REX — on both Mac and PC for flexible music-making on any platform.

Tracktion 3 is available in two boxed bundles: the Tracktion 3 Ultimate Bundle and the Tracktion 3 Project Bundle. Both bundles feature the identical core Tracktion 3 application, plus training videos. They also include premium sounds, plug-ins and loops from the world's top virtual instrument, effects plug-in and sound library companies —including IK Multimedia, Drumcore, LinPlug, Garritan and Sonic Reality. The Project Bundle provides everything musicians need to get started making professional music. The Ultimate Bundle is a complete production suite, with an additional 5GB DVD of content, including more powerful plug-ins and huge sound sets.



Following the success of the SRM450 and SRM350 Active PA speakers, Mackie announced the debut of the newest member of the SRM family, the SRM150. Capitalizing on the proven technologies of Mackie's SRM active loudspeakers and legendary mixers, the Mackie SRM150 Compact Active PA System delivers superior sound quality in an ultra-compact package, making it a versatile and expandable solution for a variety of sound reinforcement needs. And with 150 watts of ultra-efficient Class D amplification and the 5.25" EAW-designed, full-range neodymium driver, the SRM150 delivers higher sound pressure levels (SPL) than any competitive product.

"The SRM150 integrates the proven technology from the SRM series — along with an easy-to-use onboard mixer — in a compact package," said Mackie Brand Group Vice President John Boudreau. "It makes the SRM150 the perfect choice for a wide range of applications such as boardroom and classroom A/V, and live music performance in venues such as coffee houses, piano bars, and rehearsal rooms. Plus, the SRM150 outperforms everything in its class by delivering higher output and wider frequency response."

The built-in 3-channel mixer features two combo XLR/Line inputs (with 48V phantom power and a hi-Z instrument input), a stereo channel for CD/MP3 players, and Mackie's musical 3-band active EQ. The SRM150 can even be mounted on a mic stand, making it the ideal personal monitor. And like its SRM counterparts, the SRM150 boasts Mackie "built-like-a-tank" construction. It will be available from March 2007, but you can PRE-ORDER NOW.


Studio-grade controllers deliver tactile control for a complete music production experience. The new  Mackie Control Pro control surface series, the next generation of the Mackie Control Universal line of controllers. Comprising Mackie Control Universal Pro, Mackie Control Extender Pro and Mackie Control C4 Pro, the series provides the most complete feature set and software compatibility of any control surfaces available today. Mackie Control Pro series controllers are designed to seamlessly work together to deliver ultimate hands-on control of mix and plug-in parameters, thereby making the user's music production software complete.

"Mackie Control Pro controllers allow users to get the most out of Logic, Pro Tools and other major audio production software by giving them control they simply can't get from a mouse or generic controller. Our new series once again sets the standard for precision, expandability and ease of use," said James Woodburn, Mackie Recording Brand Manager.

Sporting a new streamlined appearance, the Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface boasts the ability to connect directly to a Mac or PC via USB, and support for connections of up to three additional pieces of external MIDI gear. Like the Mackie Control Universal, the MCU Pro features nine motorized, touch-sensitive Penny + Giles faders, eight V-Pots and more than 50 master buttons, as well as a sophisticated communication protocol that enables ultra-precise control, makes setup easy and gives real-time visual feedback via the huge backlit LCD and eight LED rings. VIEW PRODUCT PAGE

The Mackie Control Extender Pro control surface extension shares the new appearance of the MCU Pro, and allows for easy expansion of the master module. Users can add eight precision Penny + Giles faders and V-Pot channels at a time — up to 24 faders and V-Pot channels total — by way of MIDI ports supplied by the MCU Pro.  VIEW PRODUCT PAGE

The Mackie Control C4 Pro plug-in and virtual instrument controller offers hands-on control of up to 32 simultaneous parameters as well as extensive visual feedback via four backlit LCD "scribble strips." Like the Extender Pro, the C4 Pro has been designed to seamlessly connect to the MCU Pro, but can also operate in standalone mode. The unique communication protocol employed by the C4 Pro allows for plug and play setup, and enables users to view parameter names and values in real time.

When the C4 Pro is combined with Mackie's free C4 Commander Pro software, users can also take control of MIDI hardware such as synthesizers, effects and amp modeling processors, all without leaving the mixing sweet spot. VIEW PRODUCT PAGE



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