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Published: Thu January 25, 2007  News Feed

At last weekend's NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, TASCAM has announced new products for 2007, now for sale from Dolphin Music. Check them out!


The 2488mkII is the follow-up to the best-selling, simple-to-use 24-track recording and mixing workstation for home studios. Like its predecessor, eight inputs can be simultaneously recorded into the XLR and 1/4" inputs. 19 physical faders control the mixdown channels, and each channel has 3-band EQ and access to three built-in effects processors. The built-in CD-RW drive can record the master mix in addition to backing up the hard drive and importing WAV files. New features include a larger hard drive, new LCD display, new guitar effects and improved CD mastering capabilities.

"The 2488 has been a top-seller in its price class," says Rick McClendon, Vice President Sales, TASCAM Division. "Even today, the 2488mkII remains the only recorder with the power to record 24 tracks at 24-bit resolution to capture every nuance. The new guitar effects sound fantastic, and like all TASCAM Portastudios it's simple to use." It's sure to be another winner from the company that invented home recording."

The 2488mkII adds an 80GB hard drive, double the size of the previous version. Improved guitar overdrive effects have been added, and the "Slow-Speed Audition" feature from TASCAM's line of CD Trainers is included for learning new music. A large, bright display makes the unit even easier to use, and new CD mastering features include defining tracks in a live recording and a faster CD burner.  ORDER NOW!


FireOne is a FireWire Audio Interface that features Tactile Edit Controller for Creative Interaction With Your Music. Pushing the limits of what an audio interface could be, TASCAM has launched the FireOne - a FireWire Audio Interface with shortcut keys and a weighted jog wheel to inspire creative interaction with the artist's music. The most unique feature of the unit is its large, weighted, backlit jog wheel, which allows musicians to zip through their song while the backlight provides useful feedback such as a visual metronome. But aside from the shortcut controls, the FireOne is the first stereo audio interface in its class that records two mic ins and two outs over FireWire at 192kHz/24-bit audio resolution.

"With its sleek design and high resolution recording, the new FireOne is the most exciting TASCAM FireWire interface ever," says Johnny DeLeon, Computer Products Channel Manager for TASCAM. "The new FireOne delivers unprecedented performance features and mobility in an incredible compact design."

The FireOne features a pair of mic inputs with phantom power, pad and line switches. A guitar input switch for recording direct and MIDI input and output are also provided. It's the first FireWire interface in its class to record and play at up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution. In addition to its weighted & backlit jog wheel, the FireOne has transport keys and nine programmable shortcut keys to control functions in audio applications like Logic Pro, SONAR, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Live and Pro Tools. The edit control interface makes it a perfect choice for video editing applications like Final Cut Pro and Premiere.  ORDER NOW!


Fresh from the creators of the popular CD trainers, TASCAM has announced the GA-30CD guitar amplifier. This 30W guitar amp uses solid-state technology for killer guitar tone without the latency delay of digital modeling amps. A multi-effects processor is also provided for delay, chorus, phasing and more great-sounding tones. Along with being a flexible guitar amp, the GA-30CD has a built-in CD trainer with its own stereo sound system for playing CDs at virtually any speed and pitch without compromising the amp tone.

"Musicians who plugged CD-GT1mkIIs into their guitar amp complained about the sound, because the mono speaker was designed for guitar," says Rick McClendon, Vice President Sales, TASCAM Division. "The GA-30CD has a dedicated guitar speaker and two more speakers for stereo CD playback, making sure the sound of either one isn't compromised. With its CD trainer features and great-sounding guitar tone, the GA-30CD is the ultimate practice amp."

Like the acclaimed CD-GT1mkII, the GA-30CD plays back CDs with Variable Speed Audition so musicians can learn licks at slower speeds without changing the pitch. CDs can also be pitched to match the tuning of an instrument, and a built-in tuner is provided. A Guitar Cancel feature is also provided for playing along with CDs, and a line input can play back an MP3 player, microphone preamp, mixer or other source.  ORDER NOW!


With the Variable-Speed Audition and guitar effects from their award-winning CD Trainers, TASCAM's new MP-GT1 is the first MP3 player designed for musicians. It includes enough memory for storing over 200 songs, each of which can be slowed down, looped and processed to help musicians learn new music. A guitar input allows axe-slingers to rock along with thick overdrive and multi-effects, including a guitar canceller so they can play along with the best bands in the world. A tuner, metronome, and built-in rechargeable battery are also included. All of this is packed into a player smaller than a stomp box, so you can carry it anywhere the road takes you.

"TASCAM's best-selling CD Trainers invented a new category of tools that inspired thousands of musicians to get better at their instruments," says Paul Jenkins, National Sales Manager for TASCAM. "The new MP-GT1 brings this power to the next generation of musicians, making it even more portable and compatible with the millions of MP3s available for instant purchase online. The distinctive design tells everyone the owner is a musician, and is sure to become as common as string winders in guitar cases everywhere."

The MP-GT1 loads up MP3s and charges its built-in battery through a high-speed USB connector. Musicians can zip through their MP3 collection using dedicated buttons and a graphical LCD display. MP3s can be played at slower speed without changing the pitch, and sections can be seamlessly looped while practicing tricky passages. Song playback can be pitched up or down to match the tuning of an instrument, and a Guitar Cancel function nukes the recorded guitar part so the musician can play along. A rechargeable 9-hour lithium ion battery is built into the unit, and an optional power supply is also available.  ORDER NOW!


Continuing a trend of providing powerful options for professional installers, TASCAM has announced the DV-D01U Single-Rack space DVD player. This compact player comes with a large assortment of features all packaged in a compact space. The DV-D01U includes HDMI high-definition output, bi-directional RS-232 control, component, S-Video and optical outputs, plays back both NTSC and PAL discs (region codes apply), Power on Play, and is HDCP compliant.

"A common concern for contractors is fitting everything they need into a limited amount of space," says Patti Gunnell, Contracting Channel Manager for TASCAM. "Like our CD-01U CD Player, the DV-D01U gives consultants and contractors another problem-solving tool for modern multimedia installations." The DV-D01U supports a wide range of discs, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Video CD, Super Video CD and even DVD-Audio discs. It includes a wireless remote, and can also be controlled using RS-232. Video can be output using HDMI, component, S-video or composite outputs, and audio is available through optical digital and analog RCA connectors.  ORDER NOW!


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