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NAMM 2007: Edirol Releases new range of Mixers, Monitors and more!

Published: Fri January 19, 2007  News Feed

Edirol has announced the release of several new products at this year's Winter NAMM. Here's the list of exciting new releases which you'll be able to buy from Dolphin Music soon:

M-16DX Digital Mixer

Together with powerful effects onboard, an intelligent Room Acoustic Control function, and loads of digital and analog connectivity, the M-16DX signals a new era in digital mixing.

The M-16DX contains a powerful 24-bit/96kHz digital processing engine that provides a transparent, noiseless mixing foundation. Experience the power of accurate, detailed digital mixing, and at a price you can afford.

The M-16DX is a new-generation mixer comprising two modules: the Mix Controller for your desktop, and the I/O Module, which can be mounted in a rack. Together, these two components provide a wide assortment of connection and processing features, while leaving your desktop uncluttered.

In a portable mixing first, the M-16DX features a high-contrast, backlit LCD that lets you to see the effects in operation, as well a spectrum analysis of your mix! Also onboard is the intelligent Room Acoustic Control function, which automatically analyzes and compensates for the frequency response of your studio. It’s fast, easy, and effective.

M-10DX 10-channel digital mixer

More portable and affordable than its M-16DX big brother, this digital mixer packs an amazing amount of high-end features into its small frame, including a 24-bit/96kHz processing engine and a backlit LCD so you can see the effects in operation as well a graphical spectrum analysis.

This all-in-one solution offers built-in pro-quality FX, including insert effects, reverb/echo and finalize effects, flexible analog and digital I/O, Room Acoustic Control” for instant automatic room compensation.

For maximum portability, the M-10DX condenses almost all of the M-16DX’s functions into a compact tabletop package for easy portability and use anywhere. It even retains the backlit LCD from its big brother, so you can see the effects in operation as well a graphical spectrum analysis.



M-10MX 10-Channel Analog Mixer

Almost small enough to put in your pocket, this handy mixer is built to EDIROL’s high standards, and it’s ready to travel. With a choice of 1/4” and RCA inputs and outputs, the M-10MX lets you mix wherever you go.

AC or battery power, take your choice. The M-10MX comes with an AC adaptor, but it can also operate on battery power (four AA batteries). Thanks to its compact body and battery operation, the M-10MX is an excellent tool for podcasting, location video and/or field recording and mixing.

The M-10MX is equipped with both coaxial and optical S/PDIF 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs, which allows it to supply digital audio directly to your computer and products such as EDIROL MA-series digital speakers or Roland DS-series monitors with S/PDIF digital inputs . The M-10MX can also be connected to audio interfaces such as EDIROL’s UA or FA-series units for recording and mixing entirely in the digital domain.


PCR-800/500/300 Keyboard Controllers 

Introducing the next generation of EDIROL’s popular MIDI keyboard controllers. In addition to providing more physical controls than previous models, the PCR-300/-500/-800 also offers new innovative and intuitive controls. All three models are solidly built, and optimized for both music production and live performance.

The new ultra-sensitive keyboards provide a wider dynamic range under the player’s fingertips, while new aftertouch sensors allow the keyboardist to play more expressively. Smooth key action, keys shaped for comfortable glissando playing, silent operation, and stable key mounting all contribute to the enhanced playability of these keyboards.

The new PCR series has all the existing controls of the previous range, but adds exciting new features, such as velocity pads — perfect for playing drums and triggering sampler phrases. These precision pads can operate as buttons or velocity pads, and the handy LED indicators identify if they are velocity or fixed-velocity.

The new Crossfader allows you to control two parameters at the same time, and can work as a DAW software control for zooming screen views, as well as for synthesizer filters and DJ gestures. The new longer-throw sliders can control eight track faders and one master fader, or function as organ drawbars.

MA-15DBK and MA-7ABK Stereo Micro Monitors (Now Available in Black)

The MA-15D stereo reference monitors are ideal for computer-based recording artists seeking a high-quality, powerful set of reference speakers to use in a small space. The 15-watt-per-channel MA-15D’s offer a wide-range spectrum and crystal-clear audio reproduction.

Now available in an attractive black wooden cabinet the MA-15DBK offer 24-bit/192kHz support, 3 independent source outputs including 1/8, RCA (L/R) and S/PDIF (optical and coaxial).

The popular MA-7A speakers are also now available in black.


You'll be able to purchase those items soon, from Dolphin Music - and for the best prices!



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