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Overwater Arrive at Dolphin!

Published: Tue December 05, 2006  News Feed

Dolphin Music are proud to announced that our specially made consignment of presige Overwater bass guitars have landed. These amazing works of art have taken Overwater 4 months to hand build specially for Dolphin Music and we are incredibly impressed with the final result. You can see these beautiful pieces in at the Guitar Shop

For over twenty five years the name of Overwater has been synonymous with the finest hand crafted bass guitars, producing over three thousand instruments during this time.

Company founder Chris May - himself a musician, designer and instrument technician - has always kept close ties with both sides of the industry and has worked with and for many of the UK's leading Jazz and Rock musicians.

With a reputation that has spread throughout the world, Overwater bass guitars continue to draw the attention of discerning musicians, both amateur and professional. Our objective remains, as it always has, to offer the creative musician the means by which he or she may best express their art.

In more recent years Overwater activities have broadened to include distribution of other bass specialist products and instruments, including Euphonic Audio, Acoustic Image and Bag End amplification, plus own brand Overwater strings and accessories…

Their Philosophy

Overwaters philosophy has always been to treat electric basses as acoustic instruments first. Electronics are important - but only to the extent that they can enhance what is already inherent in the bass: the fundamental tone must come from the wood!

As a general rule, anything with a specific gravity over about .85 (such as Bubinga, Cocobolo and all the Rosewoods) have a tendency to make the bass 'growl'. When light, resonant timbers like Swamp Ash, Alder or Sycamore are incorporated into a body, they give a clear open, 'hi-fi' sound.

Slightly heavier woods such as regular Ash and Maple add a little more brightness and punch, and those medium-weight, darker open-grained timbers such as Mahogany, Walnut and Lacewood emphasise the mid-range, which is great for classic fretless sounds and a fat, warm clarity in fretted basses.

Choice of Tonewoods

This chart is representative of our most popular timbers. Through neck instruments are all five-piece laminated necks of maples and bubinga, with bubinga and purpleheart also having been used for laminates in recent years.

Bolt-on neck instruments are primarily one-piece Maple (J-Series) or three-piece Maple and Walnut laminates (Evolution).

Other woods are employed from time to time and all timbers are subject to natural variation and availability.

Construction Methods

Through necks are formed in a laminate of quarter-sawn timbers, ensuring an even grain structure through the full length of the instrument. This ensures greater emphasis of harmonic qualities, enhanced transmission of tone and, greater strength and rigidity.

ll tops are split to produce a book-matched pair. Wings are glued up with a maple or dyed black maple coach line between the top and core. Progress Elite models have matching front and back facings. J-Series basses usually have bent over facings.

After machining of the body the majority of woodwork is performed by hand. All basses are sprayed using a tough satin or gloss lacquer.


Overwater take pride in their ability to be able to offer, as standard, their own custom machined hardware for Progress and Evolution basses. Indeed these basses only use off the shelf tuners, strap buttons and locking jack sockets.

Progress and Evolution series basses feature their new improved Progress Bridge. CNC machined from solid brass (or aluminium for those conscious of weight), it features very stable saddles and is recessed into the body for improved sustain and frequency transfer. Quality Gotoh machineheads are used as standard, as are our unique black nylon turned control knobs featuring mother of pearl dot position markers. Pickups and electronics are custom made in the UK to Overwater's exact specifications. Overwater pickups are fully shielded and hum-cancelling with concealed bar pole pieces. Coils are wired in parallel; giving a big open sound that accurately reproduces the acoustic character of the instrument.

Hipshot Style A or B quick release bridges and Hipshot Ultra Lite tuners are our hardware of choice for our J-Series basses. Plated brass knobs are used for controls and bell plates and, they offer a range of materials for their scratch plates. J-Se

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